Hand protection is an essential part of being a safe motorcycle rider. This is what to look for when choosing a pair of motorcycle gloves.

In 2019, an estimated 84,000 motorcyclists were injured in the United States. Most bikers knows how easily and quickly they could end up on the pavement and take the real possibility seriously enough to wear protective gear. Some think of leather jackets, chaps, and motorcycle gloves as only a fashion statement, but riding gear is about safety first and style second.

Are you gearing up for the open road? Do you wonder what your options are when it comes to motorcycle gloves? Buying the right gloves can make all the difference in your overall riding experience. Keep reading to learn more about motorcycle gloves with style, comfort, and above all protection for your hands and wrist.

Materials Used

Motorcycle gloves have come a long way since the early days of riding, but the reason for wearing them is the same. Bikers wear gloves to protect their hands from the cold wind, damage from falls, and wear from griping. In order to accomplish their fundamental purpose, motorcycle gloves are made from the strongest most durable materials.


Thick cowhide leather is the traditional material for motorcycle gloves as it is strong and durable and wears in well. However, the material is rigid and bulky limiting the use of your hands and fingers.

Other types of leather such as goatskin, sheepskin, deerskin, and even kangaroo are used to make motorcycle gloves as well. Artificial leather aka PU leather might be used on part of the glove for an elegant appearance. PU leather breaths better than cow leather making the gloves less hot in summer.

Kangaroo leather is particularly well suited for gloves as it is more than ten times stronger than cowhide. Lightweight and thin yet extremely durable and pliable, motorcycle gloves and other motorcycle accessories made from kangaroo skin are becoming popular these days.

Plastic and Metal

Modern material science has improved basically everything, including motorcycle gloves. Hard composites, plastics, and metals are built into motorcycle gloves to improve their ability to absorb impacts.

Armor provides additional protection for the wrist and knuckles by absorbing impact over a wider area. Professional motocross riders wear gloves that have plastic heel sliders that help prevent wrist injuries. 

Materials Providing Comfort

Wearing gloves for extended periods of time can become increasingly uncomfortable. The hands perspire and the gloves irritate the skin causing rashes and heat sores.

A second softer layer is most often lined into the gloves. Most gloves are made up of many materials for the different areas of the hand. The best-designed cutting edge motorcycle gloves pull out all the stops to stitch together a glove that conforms to the hand so well that you forget your wearing gloves at all.

Motorcycle Gear: Type of Riding

A good way to narrow down the selection is to shop according to how you ride. A good way to measure the skill of a motorbike enthusiast is how many different types of motorcycle gloves do they have.

City Cruiser

You haven’t lived until riding a motorcycle like threading a needle through the chaos of New York City streets. Functioned for comfort and grip but designed for city fashion, this class of motorcycle gloves resemble driving gloves. They are usually made of luxury leathers such as goatskin or sheepskin.

Pro Racing

A motorcycle rider in competitive racing today, with ever-faster bikes tearing up ever more extreme tracks, gloves are the foundational gear for protection. Get gloves with a good grip to maintain control on the bumpy batches of the course.

Trail Blazing

Plan to take it offroad? Are you dirt biking up a mountain pass or flying across a packed mud plane? Prioritize tires and gloves.

Gloves designed for the rugged conditions of adventure riding are waterproof if needed.

Hot Tip: For hot summer days pick up a second pair of lightweight mesh gloves. Hot-swap your road gloves where the pavement meets the dirt. Enjoy maximum ventilation and cool hand comfort when you need it the most.

Insane Mode

Are you pushing the boundaries of the sport? By all means, tear it up, but wear armor. Falls are all part of the game in extreme biking so get gloves that provide superior impact protection.

Avoid serious hand and wrist injuries with high-quality gloves like https://americanlegendrider.com/products/madbike-high-quality-gloves. Next-level runs call for high-tech armored Madbike gloves.

Final Considerations

No matter if you are going to the store for milk or crossing a desert, pack some waterproof gloves so you don’t get caught unprepared when Mother Nature drops in.

When trying on gloves for sizing, never settle for anything less than a perfect fit. Wear gloves that are too small and tight and you could lose feeling in your hands. Too loose and you won’t have a proper feel of the controls or worse yet, slip your hands right out of the glove.

Don’t make any rash decisions. When the right gloves come along, your hands will know it. Gloves in hand, you are ready for whatever comes down the road.

Motorcycle Gloves

Biking is one of the most dangerous forms of travel and sport. Respect the power of your machine by wearing the best motorcycle gloves for the job. Grow a collection of gloves for every type of ride and road so that your gloves are never a problem.

What other passions do you have? Looking to make a buck or shape your body and mind, we have something for everyone.

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