Everyone's heard of Bitcoin cryptocurrency, but a new class of cryptocurrency has arrived: the stablecoin. Here's everything you need to know about it.

There’s no better time to go into the cryptocurrency world than now! Today, there are more than 3000 forms of cryptocurrency. 

When you explore more about cryptocurrency then you might wonder what stablecoin is. This article will go over what it is and how it’s used. Read on to explore more about this promising currency in order to get started investing today!

What Is a Stablecoin? 

When you’re looking to click for more information about cryptocurrencies, you’ll discover that stablecoin is a newer form. Its intention is to give you a reserve asset that offers price stability. 

They’re gaining popularity since they offer the security of payments and instant processing. You can also enjoy volatile-free stable valuations from fiat currencies. 

Bitcoin is the most popular form of cryptocurrency, but it has a high volatility rate. You might see a large decrease within a few hours from bitcoin. 

For the public and everyday use, bitcoin is a volatile option. You’ll want a safer option that works as a form of storage and monetary exchange. A currency that has a stable price over time. 

Why Do They Have Stability? 

The reason fiat currencies have price stability is because of the market actions by controlling authorities such as central banks. It’s also due to the reserves that back them as well. 

Even if a currency’s valuation changes quickly, the authorities manage the demand and supply of that currency to maintain stability. Many cryptocurrencies don’t have this feature. This is because they don’t have a central authority controlling prices, and they don’t have a reserve for backing valuations. 

Forms of Stablecoin Collateral

The most common form of stablecoin is the fiat. You’ll find that the U.S. dollar is the most popular with fiat currencies. 

Stablecoins can also use cryptocurrencies. This is where items such as ether are used. Precious metals such as silver or gold can be used as well. 

Most Common Stablecoins

One of the most popular stablecoins is tether. It’s also one of the oldest as well. 

This is where you move money fast between exchanges to use arbitrage opportunities when the price of the cryptocurrencies differs. You as the trader can make money off of this. 

USD Coin

The USD coin is managed by Coinbase and Circle through Centre consortium. It’s tied to the U.S. dollar, the same as tether. 


The former name of diem is libra. It was originally formed by Facebook. 

Even though it’s newer, the popularity of this stablecoin continues. Many governments are exploring their digital currencies since they’re concerned that the diem will be a threat. This is due to Facebook having billions of users. 

Originally, it was supposed to be backed by numerous currencies including the U.S. dollar and the euro. Now, the association has backed off from this idea. It’s instead focusing on creating many stablecoins that are backed by different national currencies. 


Dai runs on the MakerDAO protocol. It’s part of the Ethereum blockchain.

It’s part of the U.S. dollars and is backed by ether. Ether is the token of Ethereum. 

They plan on having dai decentralized. This means that there will be no central authority that has control of the system. Ethereum will have contracts that can’t be changed. The problem with this is that if there’s a problem with the contracts, they can’t be changed. 

What Risks Are There? 

You’ll find that even though you have the privacy of payments with stablecoins, there’s still risk involved. The regulatory system is uncertain along with cybersecurity. 

Stablecoins might have enhanced cybersecurity risks instead of digital assets. Digital assets are when safe storage of other digital assets creates a basis for values of the stablecoin. 

The risk is how the reserve assets are maintained and backed. Do some research before choosing a company. Find out about its principles and history along with any reliable information. 

You can file a complaint if you feel that a firm or security professional has treated you poorly or defrauded you. You can also send tips if you feel someone you know has a scam. 

Better Than a Credit Card? 

Many are wondering about the potential of stablecoin in e-commerce. Some are wondering if stablecoin is better than credit cards since they have charges per transaction. 

With blockchain technology, you can have payments through sellers and buyers. This reduces the cost for consumers and merchants. 

Blockchain can also lead to the automation of the transaction verification process. Many banks still use expensive manual verification. Some predict that blockchain can reduce infrastructural costs for banks. 

As far as whether the vast majority of people will use it depends on crossing barriers and incentives. Today, only certain niches are using cryptocurrency to pay for services and goods. 

Banks haven’t been expanding into cryptocurrency, this has been due to potential scrutiny. This in turn leads to many businesses being skeptical of cryptocurrency as well. They worry about changing from sovereigns to commercial enterprises. 

Exploring What Stablecoin Is and How It’s Used

Now that you’ve explored this guide on what stablecoin is and how it’s used, you should have a better idea if it’s right for you. You can start investing in this safer cryptocurrency today. Keep in mind that it’s not as volatile as other forms of cryptocurrency. 

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