Wondering what is covered under comprehensive insurance? Then you're in the right spot! Read this guide and learn about the coverage today.

What is covered under comprehensive insurance? If you need to purchase car insurance, you might have asked yourself this question once or twice.

Choosing the right insurance plan can be a bit confusing. There are several plans available, each with pros and cons. You might be stuck on comparing comprehensive insurance vs. collision insurance or some other plan comparison.

However, one plan you should always consider is comprehensive coverage. This insurance plan covers most damage that occurs due to something other than a collision.

If you are choosing a car insurance plan and aren’t sure what comprehensive insurance covers, this short and simple guide is for you.

Animal Damage

One type of damage you can claim on your comprehensive insurance coverage plan is animal damage. This includes hitting an animal, damage to your exterior or interior, broken windows, and destruction of your wiring. If you live in a rural area and experience animal damage, contact an independent insurance agency today.

Civil Disturbance

While some protests are calm and peaceful, others can spiral out of control. If your vehicle is in the middle of a riot, your comprehensive plan has you covered.

Falling Objects

Another type of damage covered under commercial comprehensive insurance is damage from falling objects. This can be anything, including something as common as a fallen tree to something as uncommon as a falling airplane.


Depending on the area you live in, fires might be something you experience regularly. Fortunately, a comprehensive insurance plan covers damage to your car from a fire.

Natural Disaster

Natural disasters happen all over the nation, causing billions of dollars in damage. You never know what the result will be from a natural disaster. You could experience minor damage or the total loss of your vehicle. The good news is, a comprehensive plan covers all damage from a natural disaster.


You are always at risk of having your car stolen, which is why comprehensive coverage is important. Theft is covered by a comprehensive plan, which can make your life much easier should the worst-case scenario happen.


Just like theft, you are also always at risk of having your car vandalized. Vandals can break into your car, steal items from your car and even steal items off of your car. However, vandalism is covered by a comprehensive plan, which can help you recover from vandalism much easier.

This Is What Is Covered Under Comprehensive Insurance

If you have been wondering what is covered under comprehensive insurance, this guide is for you.

While comprehensive insurance does not cover damage caused by a collision with another car, it does cover many other types of damage. This type of insurance covers you for damage from animals, a civil disturbance, falling objects, fire, and a natural disaster. You are also covered for theft and vandalism.

Choosing comprehensive insurance is one of the smartest decisions you can make.

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