What Is CBD Oil Used for? the Ultimate Guide to CBD

The legalization of marijuana and marijuana derivatives is (finally) spreading across the United States. While as of December 2020, marijuana is only legal in 32 states and DC, an additional 14 states have legalized the usage of cannabidiol (CBD) extract. 

CBD products have been scientifically proven to have a large number of health benefits. It has become a popular alternative for those who want the benefits of marijuana without the high. However many people may have the question of what is CBD oil used for. 

If you live in a state where CBD oil has been legalized, you can easily get your hands on some and reap the benefits. Read this guide to find out everything you need to know to get the most out of CBD.

What Exactly is CBD? 

Many people have heard of CBD, but do not know exactly what it is. It has been gaining popularity, and there are a variety of CBD products now available on the market. 

And more variety equals more questions. 

“What is CBD oil used for?”

Can you smoke hemp?”

“Can you smoke CBD?”

“Is CBD the same as hemp?”

“Can you eat it?”

There are a number of misconceptions and confusion around CBD and other cannabis-related products. It is important to be aware of the differences and similarities if you are looking to consume some of these products. 

Chemical Composition

CBD, or cannabidiol, is one of the chemical compounds found in the marijuana plant, Cannabis sativa. More specifically, CBD is derived from the hemp plant, a specific type of cannabis known as Cannabis sativa L. 

CBD is different than THC. THC is the main chemical that provides the psychoactive effects of marijuana and causes the associated “high.” Unlike THC, CBD does not have any psychoactive effects. 

It is made by extracting the CBD chemical from the cannabis plant and diluting it with oil. CBD is most often diluted with coconut or hemp seed oil. The latter is the main reason for the confusion 

It is important here to clarify that hemp oil and CBD oil are not the same. Although they are both derived from the same plant, hemp oil comes from the seeds of the plant. CBD is derived from the stalks, leaves, and flowers of the hemp plant.  

Types of CBD Oil 

There are a number of types of CBD oil available, however there are three types that are the most popular:

  • Isolate; contains only CBD with no other cannabinoids
  • Full Spectrum; contains all cannabinoids found naturally in the cannabis plant (including THC)
  • Broad Spectrum; contains multiple cannabinoids found naturally in the cannabis plant (not including THC) 

CBD Products 

To answer one of the most common questions: Yes, you can smoke CBD oil. 

CBD oil can be smoked through vaping, but it can also be consumed in a few other ways:

  • Oils or tinctures (usually placed under the tongue with a dropper)
  • Creams and lotions
  • Capsules or pills
  • Edibles (most commonly, gummies)

What is CBD Oil Used For? 

Although CBD oil does not produce the “high” that marijuana is known for, using CBD oil has a number of benefits. 

Pain Management

Scientists have recently discovered that CBD is responsible for the pain-relieving effects of marijuana. CBD works by binding to certain neurotransmitters in your nervous system, reducing inflammation. 

Studies have shown that CBD can treat the pain related to a number of ailments. Most commonly it is used to treat multiple sclerosis and back pain, as well as arthritis. 

It can also be used to treat general pain caused by inflammation.  

Alleviating Cancer Related Symptoms 

In recent years, CBD has been used to help reduce symptoms related to cancer and cancer treatment such as nausea, vomiting, and pain. 

Particularly in combination with THC, CBD can help cancer patients for whom pain medication is ineffective.

It is also effective in treating the most common side effects of chemotherapy: vomiting and nausea. 

Some animal studies have also indicated that CBD may have anti-cancer properties. 

One study showed that concentrated CBD caused cell death in human breast cancer cells, while another showed that it inhibited breast cancer cell growth in mice. 

Reducing Anxiety and Depression 

CBD oil has been shown to reduce both and depression. It has become a popular alternative to the medications that are typically used to treat these conditions. These medications typically have a lot of negative side effects, so CBD oil is being used as a more natural and convenient alternative. 

CBD has also been used to treat children with insomnia and anxiety caused by PTSD. 


A number of studies have shown that CBD may be effective in treating acne due to its anti-inflammatory properties. It also has been shown to reduce sebum production and the activation of certain “pro-acne” agents such as inflammatory cytokines. 

CBD also is effective in treating some inflammatory skin conditions such as eczema or psoriasis. 

Other Health Benefits 

CBD products have also been shown to be effective in treating other health issues. 

There is evidence that CBD may have the potential to help with addiction recovery from drugs and alcohol. It is thought to work by reducing the anxiety related to drug cues and withdrawal. This reduces the risk of drug use relapse.

CBD is also effective in treating epilepsy and neurodegenerative disorders due to CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties. 

Try CBD Oil

Hopefully now the question of “what is CBD oil used for” has been answered.

CBD oil has a number of health benefits and can be an alternative way to manage pain. If you are someone who is interested in some of the positive effects of marijuana but does not want to experience the high that comes with THC products, CBD oil might be for you. 

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