Are you moving to a different home or just want to declutter your existing property? Here are the benefits of renting a self storage unit.

Is stuff piling up in your hallway closet?

Perhaps there’s an overflow of junk spewing from every crevice and hideyhole in your home. Hoarding is a growing concern among people — it negatively affects nearly 6% of the population

You might not have a hoarding problem, but you certainly have enough stuff lying around to warrant your interest in a storage unit. And maybe there’s a reason for all the stuff you’ve collected. Storing them away can be a huge mental relief. 

These are the benefits of renting a self storage unit. 

1. There’s Security

There’s constant surveillance at self-storage facilities. Cameras and even guards inhabit the lots to keep everyone’s stuff very secure. 

Aside from surveilling the property, the locks to most units are industrial. The only people that are going to get into your unit are you (unless they’re professional bank robbers). 

Your stored stuff is far safer in a storage unit than anywhere in your house. If you’ve got something valuable that you don’t want to be stolen, here’s more info on keeping it safe and sound. 

2. Self Storage Unit As a Document Archive

Just about every unit available today will be climate-controlled. Each space will have its own perfect flow of temperature and no humidity. 

Important documents, receipts, files, and every other paper analog that needs keeping should be stored in these conditions. Fluctuating temperatures and humidity levels will ruin records. if you need a cheap archive that only you can access, this is the way to go. 

3. If You’re a Frequent Traveler 

There’s a lot of uncertainty about the safety of your home when you go out of town. It’s why you usually ask someone to watch your house. You know it’s not going anywhere, but it’s still a sitting target for burglary.

If you’re a frequent traveler, you may already be a target for theft. Clever thieves keep tabs on people’s properties that they know will be vacant. If you’ve got your valued treasures locked away in storage, there’s nothing for them to steal when you’re out of town.

4. Relocating Furniture Items 

Trends come and trends go. That’s the way things are with design and styles. 

Your swag rug, lava lamps, and velvet couches may not be in currently, but they’ll make their way back into the limelight. If you’re deeply attached to some of your furniture items, don’t sell them or toss them. Store them away in lockers for future use. 

They will, without a doubt, have a renaissance from their era. Heck, furniture from the 1950s is huge right now. 

Keep Your Junk!

Piles and piles of stuff are adding up inside your home. But don’t toss it or start making yard-sale signs. Instead, get a self storage unit. 

There’s security in keeping a unit, especially if you’re a frequent traveler. If you’ve got a home full of groovy furniture from yesteryear, it’ll make its return to style. For those with paper archives, a storage unit is climate-controlled.

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