Thinking of buying a new device? Come find out whether a tablet or notebook suits your business traveling needs better.

Devices are getting smaller and smaller. And with more tech companies coming out with tablets that are as powerful as your standard computer. Many people have been asking the question of whether they should get a tablet or notebook. This question is even more popular among business travelers. And everyone else that is often required to have a device on them during business trips. Let’s take a look at some of the factors to consider when picking a tablet or notebook for a short business trip.

Are You Checking Bags?

One of the first questions you should ask yourself is whether or not you are going to be checking bags when on a short business trip. In most cases you aren’t to help avoid additional fees and as you do not need that much stuff. However, that means more items are going to be in your carry on bag. We all know how every last bit of weight can make a difference.

For those with only one carry on, it might be best to look at a tablet. As you can get a fair amount of power out of these devices while having a lightweight option.

Are You Giving A Presentation?

Not every tablet can be connected to a projector or TV screen. If you are going to be giving a presentation, it is often best to look at notebooks. Most notebooks are capable of connecting to external monitors, displays, and projects efficiently. Often without anything but a single cable. 

While some tablets can connect to other displays. It can be a bit harder to navigate an external display with a tablet unless you can connect a mouse and keyboard. They also often require a dongle or adapter to make a second display possible.

What Are You Going To Be Doing?

Many business travelers just need a device to be able to check and respond to emails while they are on the go and work on reports. In most cases, a tablet can handle all of this. Especially if you get a tablet with a detachable or Bluetooth keyboard. You also get the benefit of a lighter device and often times a longer battery life.

Business users who require performance, such as game designers, graphic artists, or engineers, will often need to get a notebook to handle their business. Even on short business trips. That being said, if you can remotely access your work computer from a tablet. Then you may be able to make short trips with just a tablet, depending on your industry.

Advanced Features

Tablets have gotten a lot of power over the last few years. Yet they still aren’t a perfect replacement for a notebook. If you are looking to go on a short business trip but need advanced features such as specialty programs, more editing options and reference options in Word, or full desktop websites it will be best to go with a laptop. Alternatively, you could get a Windows 10 powered tablet such as the Microsoft Surface.

Ease Of Travel

Unless you spend the money to get an extra light notebook with a killer battery, you will find that it is much easier to travel with a tablet. Tablets are lightweight and offer longer battery lives. Because of the smaller form factor of a tablet, they will fit into smaller bags and pockets in your travel bags. You can also often charge them with the same cable as your phone, reducing the number of cables that you need to bring with you on your trip. 

In the end, there is no one solid answer for whether you should travel with a notebook or a tablet. It depends on the user and their needs. For most people, a tablet will be just fine, especially if you look for options such as the Microsoft Surface which have plenty of power and flexibility in a small platform. There are always the exceptions, though where you will need one device or the other.

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