Need some motivation to keep you fit? Here are some apps that are guaranteed to help keep you in shape. The best part is they are free!

Everyone knows the benefits of being in shape and getting routine exercise. However, this can be much easier said than done. It can be frustratingly hard to fit a visit to the gym into your daily routine. It may be more of a financial burden for some people that we can’t squeeze in at the moment. Whatever the reason, knowing that we are not doing our best at staying fit and healthy can lead to a lot of unnecessary stress in our lives. This post will go over a few ways to get our daily workout from home at zero cost. Whether your goal is to lose weight or stay toned, I’ll show you how, with a little help from today’s tech. Staying fit has never been easier or cheaper than ever before.

Home Workout – No Equipment & Meal Planner

Home Workout is a great app that uses absolutely nothing but your own bodyweight to get you in shape. It really makes doing a quick workout easy no matter if you are at the office, a hotel, or your living room. You can pinpoint certain muscle groups or just go for an all-body routine. It also has voice, video, and detailed written instructions to make sure you are using proper form and maximizing your time spent training. I am a massive fan of the seven-minute workouts. With these short routines, you can forget the “not enough time, excuse.”

Samsung Health

Samsungs Health is an excellent way to compliment your other apps and workout routines that are already in place. This app can track just about anything. It will log and analyze your habits and activities to help maintain a diet that works for you and help you lead a healthier lifestyle.

You can simply record all of your exercises, like running, hiking, biking, and a multitude of sports and other activities. I have found that this app, more than any other I use has led to a more all-around healthy lifestyle. There is something about seeing your record and results, whether they are good or bad, that is very motivating. They also offer exercise programs to help you build muscle, lose weight, or work on your running, balance, or endurance. Although I definitely find their strongest point to be in their tracking and monitoring. Another great feature is the ability to link other apps and wearables directly to Samsung Health for an unbeatable fitness program.

Calorie Counter – MyFitnessPal

No matter how much you exercise, you may never see the results you are looking for if you are not watching your diet. That Is where My Fitness Pal comes in to play. With this app counting your calories and tracking what you eat has never been easier. They boast a database of over 11 million food items and the ability to scan over 4 million unique barcodes. You also can upload your favorite recipes and log your favorite meals from restaurants. You will also find it very helpful that not only does it let you know your detrimental intake. It also tracks and informs you of nutrients and other beneficial substances you consume.

Hopefully, with these three easy to use and free apps, you can start your journey to a healthier lifestyle today. I know they have helped me tremendously. In only a few short months, I am not only looking better but feeling better as well. I know it is only the beginning but they have really helped me shape a more health-positive lifestyle that I hope to maintain for years to come.

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