Getting new motorcycle tires is necessary at some point in your bike's life. Know these top 3 tips for buying motorcycle tires.

Did you know that 8% of the households in the United States had at least one motorcycle in 2018? If you are feeling overwhelmed while you are buying new motorcycle tires, fret no more. We are here to share our top tips for buying motorcycle tires to help you get your bike on the open road as soon as possible.

Keep reading to learn the top tips for buying new motorcycle tires.

1. Choose the Right Tire Type

The first thing you have to do is examine your bike and how you ride to determine the right tire for your needs. The four main tire types include cruiser, dirt, street, and dual-sport/ADV. Once you choose the type you need then you have to look at a few other factors. 

Take the time to compare the brands, the speed ratings, and the compound. If you ride a Kawasaki then we also recommend checking out Kawasaki parts for everything name brand. 

2. Bias-Ply or Radial?

Next, you want to choose between radial tires or bias-ply tires. This mainly has to do with the construction of the tire and affects how the bike rides and handles. If you opt for bias-ply tires they will normally last longer and also ride softer due to having less grip. 

Choosing radial means that you have stiffer tires that will give you the most traction but will not last as long as bias-ply tires. What you choose will all depend on the type of bike you have and what your manufacturer recommends. Keep in mind that there are some OEMs that will only use bias-ply tires and some OEMs that will use a mix of bias-ply along with radials. 

If you choose to use both as well then the key is to use the radial tire in the back and the bias-ply in the front. 

3. Tire Size

The next factor is the right tire size for your ride. The key is to have knowledge of the code designators that are printed on the side of the tires. Manufacturers use either standard inch, alphanumeric, or metric to designate tire information. 

The most common one used is the metric system with five components that are printed on the sidewall of the tire. There is the section width that gives you the measurement of the width of the tread (this is usually always a three-digit number). 

Then there is the aspect ratio which is the ratio of the width of the tires written as a percentage of its height (the higher the number the taller the tire). The Rim Diameter is the rim’s measurement, from one lip to the other. The Load Rating is the code designated to the tire of the weight the tire can bear. 

Last but not least is the speed rating which is the number showing the speed a tire can run safely when it is inflated properly. 

Ready to Buy Motorcycle Tires Like a Pro?

We hope that now that you have our top tips about buying motorcycle tires, you can make your purchase with confidence. 

Did our article help you out today? Feel free to browse around the rest of this section for some more tips and tricks on keeping your motorcycle up to date. 

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