If you're wondering what trends will define the automotive industry over the next year and beyond, read our informative guide to automotive trends in 2021.

You’re a discerning consumer. You know that the automotive trends 2021 have created a market for cars that is both the most competitive it’s ever been and the most limiting it’s ever been. 

Car tech is incredible, but we’re facing massive shortages of the material needed to make even the smallest compact. 

To top that off, the pandemic has driven up prices across the board as the economy recovers. All of that boils down to one constant fact. Now, more than ever, you need to be an informed consumer. 

So let’s go over the top five trends in the car scene and how they might affect your next decision.

The Power of a Megabyte

Tesla drove a unique kind of innovation with their Mark 3, S, and X models. 

With the introduction of highly advanced tech in their cars, customers were exposed to something they’d never experienced before. Naturally, they wanted more. 

The car industry struggles to move quickly, so they’re just now coming around to the realization that they need to innovate with tech and keep up with the auto trends in 2021 or die.

You’ll see that many car brands have reinvented themselves as “mobility” companies instead of “car” companies. They’re starting to compete for users with new features, great infotainment systems, self-driving capabilities, etc.

We’re unsure of the long-term effects that these latest car trends will have on the economy, but we know we’re here for it.

Leasing and Vehicle Sharing Have Gained Popularity

You can rent a BMW by the mile.

Yes! If you need to get somewhere in several select cities, you can pull up BMW’s app and ping a BMW that’s nearby. Once you’ve found your car, you can hop in and drive it until you reach your destination. Once there, park it somewhere safe and be on your way. 

That’s crazy! 

Porche, Mercedez-Benz, and several other car companies offer this service as well. 

Honestly, this latest auto trend makes sense in a time of rapid and explosive innovation. Why would you buy a new car if next year’s model is going to be exponentially better? Instead, rent a car by the mile or lease the new model yearly. 

Smaller Cars Make a Comeback

Oil crashes, natural disasters, and fluctuating economies all tend to drive the sale of smaller cars.

In the last year, we’ve experienced all three.

So, naturally, people are buying smaller, more fuel-efficient cars that they can drive without worrying about breaking the bank and that you can order for the cheapest car shipping rates. Honestly, we think that this is a great thing! 

If the car trends in 2021 can spur on a return to the glory days of the hot hatch, we want to be around to see it. 

Safety Beyond Crash Testing

Safety ratings mean something – always have. Why? Because safety isn’t one of the “lastest car trends,” it’s your life.

We’re more inclined to buy a car that will keep us safe than one that won’t. For example, the great auto manufacturer SAAB was well known for the safety of their vehicles, and that helped move vehicles, even as they were going under.

Tesla is in the lead again in terms of durability and safety, including military-grade air purification systems and hermetically sealed cockpits.  

Auto manufacturers seem to be following suit. Instead of just focusing on the crash safety rating, most manufacturers also add other safety features that protect passengers from exposure to harmful agents or all kinds. 

EV Conversions and Purchases

Everyone loves electric cars.

Even better, older electric cars are starting to be scrapped, repurposed, and re-used in classic car-electric conversions and R&D for the new and improved wave of EV’s that are bound to start appearing next year. 

Couple that with ever-tightening emissions regulations, and you have a recipe for an increasingly electric future. 

What Are Your Automotive Trends 2021 Guesses?

So, you’ve heard our thoughts on the upcoming automotive trends 2021. What are yours? Will you keep true to gas or convert to EV? Let us know!

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