Making yoga work for your health goals requires knowing what can hinder your progress. Here are common yoga mistakes and how to avoid them.

In the U.S, around 80% of adults experience back pain in their life. This can affect their ability to perform daily tasks, sleep and also cause mental health issues. There has been recent research into yoga that shows how beneficial yoga is to our bodies and mind. 

At-home yoga is becoming increasingly popular with many seeking to perform this at home. But this comes with a warning and there are many common mistakes people make when performing yoga. This can lead to pain, inflammation, and injury.

Hopefully, these common yoga mistakes will help you stay safe and enjoy the practice.

Not Breathing Correctly

Breathing is the fundamental of yoga, the first thing you learn is how to breathe. This will become important as you hold your poses, breathe through the stretches and help calm your body.

If you are not breathing correctly during yoga then you are blocking the flow of energy. You may also feel lightheaded and less focused.

Practice your breathing exercises during the day and when you are feeling stressed. It can be used outside of yoga also.

Doing Yoga Poses On Your Own

I do not recommend doing yoga on your own without taking time to find a yoga instructor either online or face to face. They can make sure you are doing the poses right and not going to cause an injury.

If you want to do it on your own, research and watch YouTube videos to help you understand how to do it. Take it easy and at your own pace. 

Stay Within Your Competency Level

Yoga poses range from beginner to intermediate. Someone new to yoga will struggle with the intermediate poses. It is recommended to start from the very beginning and trying different yoga poses that are easier.

Doing too much when you first start can cause problems for you. Strains, sprains, and muscular pain are very common. You also have the risk of falling or causing damage during the moves.

Start slow, take it easy. There is no need to rush with yoga. If you try a yoga pose and you are in pain, stop. 

Not Using Props or the Right Tools

When you start your path to yoga, props are going to be really helpful. This will help you avoid any damage to your body and leaving you in pain.

The first thing you want to have is a really good mat that you are going to have some grip on. Then some comfortable clothing that doesn’t restrict you from stretches.

Make sure you choose the right gear for yoga!

Avoiding Distractions

Your phone, a TV, and noise from outside can all be distractions. If you are in a pose and get distracted, you could lose your balance and fall.

There is no reason to keep your phone with you. Turn TV and music off and if you are in a room where noise is loud, move or close the windows. 

Be distraction-free and avoid breaking your composure. It’s important to consider the distractions when preparing for yoga.

What Common Yoga Mistakes Are You Making?

Before you continue practicing yoga, think about the common yoga mistakes and where you can fix them.

If you think a yoga pose is not working for you, leave it. Don’t strain yourself or cause harm to do the pose. Try again another time, once you feel ready.

You can enjoy yoga and keep yourself safe. Are you staying safe when performing yoga?

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