If you enjoy taking Kratom, you should really know about the history of Kratom. Here's how this wonderful supplement came to be!

With the recent wave in popularity, the U.S. imports around 2000 metric tons of kratom per month. Thus, the kratom market is growing with each passing year. 

Even with this popularity, the kratom topic has been controversial around the world. There have been many different views on the legality of this product. 

There are certain areas within the world where kratom is either frowned upon or even illegal. Continue reading to learn the history of kratom. But check your local laws before you decide to buy kratom.

What Is Kratom?

Before it became westernized, the history of kratom powder was solely Southeast Asian. Within certain Southeast Asian countries, you will find a tree called Mitragyna Speciosa. 

The leaves of this tree were traditionally chewed or brewed into tea. This would allow the local workers to achieve a high level of concentration. By ridding themselves of fatigue, these laborers found a drastic increase in productivity. 

The plant was also used as part of the culture’s religious rituals or medicinal healing. The locals would use the plant to help reduce the dependency on such substances as Morphine or Opium. 

What Is Kratom Made Of?

Kratom is made up of an array of different properties. The location the kratom is taken from the tree depends on its properties. All samples held one property higher than the rest, Mitragynine.

Mitragynine is the compound that gives the sense of relaxation and concentration. Recent studies have shown that this feeling is a key method for battling stress and anxiety. 

The Westernized version of chewing the leaf has developed in many different ways. The most popular product would be kratom powder. But you can also purchase kratom capsules. 

Types of Kratom

The name ‘kratom’ is commonly used to refer to the overall product. However, there are actually many different types of kratom. Each location within Southeast Asia the tree grows will have different strains. 

The most popular location strains would be Bali, Maeng Do, and Borneo. Each location’s strain will differ from the rest. For example, you may find the effects of the Bali strains will last longer than the Borneo strains. 

There are also different color strains as well as locations. Bali produces mainly green veined kratom. Whereas other places can have white, yellow, or red veins. 

Being the most popular strain, you should look into the different types of green vein kratom. Green Kratom is excellent for those who are trying kratom for the first time.

Spread the History of Kratom

There is far more to the history of kratom than people realize. Now you know the origin; hopefully, you have more of an understanding of the product. 

Research each of the different locations kratom is produced to find your perfect location strain. From this location, look into the different color strains and see which one you wish to use.

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