Sleeping with back pain can feel impossible, but lumbar pillows can help. Learn about the best lumbar pillows available in this guide.

Do you wake up with a stiff and uncomfortable back? Do you toss and turn in your sleep due to back pain? If you answered yes to either of these questions, lumbar pillows can help you get restful sleep. 

Lumbar is another word referring to the lower back. Lumbar pillows are sleeping pillows specifically designed to support the lumbar, lower region, of your spine.

Continuing to sleep with lower back pain can be detrimental to your health, causing poor sleep quality and posture issues. These symptoms can exacerbate negative underlying health conditions. 

Keep reading to learn about the best lumbar pillows on the market to live a healthy and restful life!

Four Kinds of Lumbar Pillows

There are four best styles of lumbar pillows. These four styles will help relieve symptoms of sleeping with lower back pain. It is important to note that which pillow is best for you will depend on your body type, sleeping position, and mattress. 

Below we’ve touched upon the four styles and included some recommended brands. For a personalized recommendation, you can speak with your physical therapist or physician.

1. Foam Roll

These are long cylinder-shaped pillows. They are best for side and back sleepers. They can be positioned to support the back and the neck. 

These are the most versatile of all lumbar pillow styles. They can be put under the lumbar region when sleeping on the back, or under the knees to align the body. They can also be placed in between the knees for side sleepers. A highly recommended foam roll pillow is the K Ka Ua Roll.

2. Triangular Foam

These are triangle-shaped pillows filled with soft memory foam. These pillows are designed specifically for sleeping with back pain. SleepJockey is an inexpensive but effective lumbar pillow.

3. Inflatable Pillows

There is no one-size-fits all lumbar sleeping pillow. Inflatable pillows are best for individuals who have tried to find a comfortable pillow but have had no luck.

Because these pillows are inflatable, the size can be adjusted to fit your body. The TruContour pillow offers adjustable sizing to match your sleeping position. 

4. Lumbar Belts

A lumbar belt is a soft cylindrical pillow that wraps around the hips and waist so it moves with you. This makes it a great option for those combination sleepers, sleepers who change positions frequently throughout the night. OPTP Lumbar Belt is one of the most popular and a great option for both side and back sleepers.  

Relieve Your Lower Back Pain

We spend on average a third of our lives in sleep. If the position you sleep in promotes poor posture and spinal tension, it is likely the cause of your back pain. It can even be causing you other health problems.

Make sure to try out some of the lumbar pillows suggested above. These will promote improved posture and sleep which will not only relieve your lumbar pain but are proven to have a myriad of additional health benefits. For more health tips, continue reading on our blog!

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