Come check out the best fitness subscription boxes delivered straight to your door.

In 2010, subscription boxes changed the monthly subscription game. Not only it touches most of the niche market, but it also gives consumers the chance to try new products and services at a low cost. From the monthly supply of whey protein to gym outfits, this list will help you find the right fitness subscription box for you.

For the Hardcore CrossFitters: gain[z]box

They say that gain[z]box is THE CrossFitters subscription box. You get a monthly supply of high-quality fitness products according to your athlete profile. For as low as $32, you can get a customized (Nike) apparel that will make your gym buddies jealous. Besides the customized clothing, the box includes other high-end brands of supplements, mobility products, protein snacks, CrossFit and lifting gear, and many more.

For the Yoga Enthusiast: Yogi Surprise

For a lot of yoga enthusiasts, yoga is more than just a workout. It’s a lifestyle. Yogi Surprise supplies their subscribers with vegetarian, cruelty-free, GMO-free, and organic products. For only $44.95 a month, you’ll get at least 6-8 yoga items. It also includes fun extras like jewelry, incense, aromatherapy candles, tea, and other yoga inspired accessories. 

For the Serious Weightlifter: Spartan Box 

Spartan Box is the perfect subscription box for weightlifters. The monthly box includes high protein snacks, supplements, weightlifting gear, and apparel. You can also count on this box to give you the motivation boost that you always need, and fitness ideas you will definitely take note of. They offer two kinds of boxes: Citizen Box for $25 and Warrior Box for $99.

For the Mixed Martial Arts Lover: MMA Pack

The name already says what kind of subscription box it is. MMA has started to become more and more popular. Whether you’re a real deal MMA fighter or an MMA amateur that just enjoys the sports and the workout that comes with it; MMA Pack is the best subscription box for you. For only $39.99, you’ll get monthly goodies of MMA items including apparel gear and other products relevant to MMA.

For the Running Obsessed: Runner Crate

Just like the MMA Pack, the name for this one speaks for itself. It’s the perfect subscription box for anyone who loves running. For as low as $18.97 monthly for the mini crate, $35 for the full size one, Runner Crate supplies you with running goodies every 2 weeks. So there’s no reason for you not to be motivated!

For the Fab Gym Rats: FabFitFun

Besides getting the perfect body, some girls also wanna stay fab before, during, and after workouts. If you’re one of those girls, then this subscription box is for you. FabFitFun supplies you with designer bags, high-end beauty products, workout equipment, and other items from numerous lifestyle categories for only $49.99. They don’t give out sample sized items but full-sized, exceptional products that are worth $200-$400. 

For the Snacker and Supplement Lover: Bulu Box

Let’s face it, working out isn’t enough to get to your body goal. You definitely need to eat right and take the right supplements. Bulu Box offers a subscription for as low as $10 per month! The box includes loads of healthy snacks and supplement samples for nutrition, immunity, and metabolism booster. 

So whatever kind of fitness junkie you are, there’s a subscription box that best fits you. Whether you just want a healthier lifestyle switch or needs an extra boost of motivation, these subscription boxes can definitely help!

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