most common sports injuries

Staying active is a great way to get fit and remain young mentally. However, no sport is without its risk, whether you’re jogging, playing football, golfing, or even simply strolling.

Information from the CDC indicates that over 8 million injuries related to sports and recreation occur in the United States each year.

Some injuries are more common than others, though. Keep reading as we break down five of the most common sports injuries, as well as how you can prevent them.

1. Muscle Strain

Muscle strain occurs when damage or overuse results in a tendon’s fibers tearing. The result can be painful, sidelining victims for days or weeks at a time.

Luckily, muscle strain is the easier sports injury to prevent.

Take a few moments before your activity to stretch. Since most sports rely on mobility, you’ll want to focus on the lower body. Namely, your hamstrings, glutes, and thighs.

It’s also vital to cool down after activity. You can repeat the same stretches.

2. Plantar Fasciitis

Though we rely on it for so much, the foot, the plantar in particular, is a tender area. It doesn’t take much to cause a serious injury.

Your plantar is the region connecting your heel to your foot. When strain or injury occurs, it can become difficult to walk, let alone run.

If you think you’re struggling with plantar fasciitis, or you want to learn more about plantar fasciitis, check out this blog post. Though you may need physical therapy, most cases are fixed by buying more supportive footwear.

3. Ankle Sprain

The body is a well-crafted machine. But when something knocks part of that machine out of place…well, the result is seriously painful. Such is the case with sprained ankles, which occur when the ankle moves in an unorthodox way.

Though they’re quite common, you’ll want to prevent ankle sprains by buying supportive shoes or doing ankle roll warm-ups.

4. Runner’s Knee

With every stride we take, our knees absorb the incoming shock. Repetitive motions can lead to the tearing or wearing of muscles around the kneecap.

And rest assured, runner’s knee isn’t something you can walk off.

To keep runner’s knee at bay, make sure you have enough rest days between workouts. Also, run or walk from heel to toe to minimize shock.

5. Concussion

Of all the common sports injuries on this list, concussions are the scariest. Though most concussions are minor, head trauma is scary all the same.

Symptoms include sudden confusion, nausea, and painful headaches.

Seek medical attention immediately if you think you’ve suffered a concussion.

Play Hard, Stay Safe: Avoid the Most Common Sports Injuries

The good news is that almost all of the most common sports injuries are easy to prevent. Simply stretching for a few minutes before activity should be enough to keep most injuries at bay.

Likewise, concussions are avoidable by using helmets and following safety measures.

We hope you found these safety tips useful. For more info on sports, health, and general wellness, make sure to check out the rest of our blog.

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