Tinted windows offer myriad advantages that typically go under the radar. Check out our guide for the lesser-known benefits of window tinting.

Everyone knows sunglasses are the best way to block out the sun when driving. However, imagine if your entire car were wearing shades. This is effectively how window tinting works.

Blocking the sun and glare reduction are the guiding reasons for this upgrade. Yet, there is a myriad of other advantages that come with window treatment.

This guide will convince you to block out the sun by shedding light on some of the lesser-known benefits of window tinting. Keep reading!

1. Block UV Rays

As noted, shading the glare is nice, but a hidden benefit of auto window tints is UV protection.

Ultraviolet light is harmful with prolonged exposure. The same way sunscreen protects your skin from this at the beach, a tint can keep you safe behind the wheel. Depending on the level of shading, window tinting can block up to 99 percent of the harmful UV rays.

Shockingly, skin cancer is more common on your left side due to sun exposure in the driver’s seat. Protect yourself with tinted windows.

2. Protect the Upholstery

Tinting services also protect the health of the car. The sun puts a beating on your upholstery. Regardless of leather, cloth, or vinyl interiors, daily cooking in the sun speeds up aging. Before long, you’ll have cracked, discolored, and altogether ruined seats.

Keep your interior looking right with tinting services. This mitigating upgrade will improve the life and health of your car interior.

3. Reduce Solar Heat

Despite the AC, the heat can be oppressive on hot days. Do you ever feel like you are cooking in the car? Well, you’ll be pleased to find out tinting reduces solar heat.

This means the hot, thick air that builds up in the cabin is blocked out the tint. Depending on the shade, it can reduce the heat by up to 65 percent. The hot months are here. You shouldn’t spend one more day cooking in a toaster oven. Visit a tint shop or consider searching for a mobile tint near me.

4. Glass Shatter Protection

This benefit of tinting has nothing to do with the sun, but it is just as important. Tinting service gives the glass of your windows shatter protection.

If you are ever in an accident involving broken glass, the colored film applied to the windows will keep the glass from exploding in a storm of shards. Instead, the bits of glass will stay together.

5. Privacy

Studies suggest the average person drives more than 13,000 miles a year. If you fall anywhere near this number, you spend a lot of time in the car. In fact, it’s so much time that your car might feel like your room.

Therefore, you’ll want a little privacy behind the wheel. Tinted window shades are great for keeping out prying eyes. With the right color, you can ensure your dealings in the driver’s seat are discreet.

The Compelling Benefits of Window Tinting

Are you convinced by these benefits of window tinting? This guide makes this upgrade seem like a no-brainer. The practicality, health, and durability of your car will dramatically increase.

If you found this article useful, stick around. There are many more automotive reads on the blog.

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