Problems with intimacy and your sex life? See these 5 common causes and possible solutions to improve relationships and your sex life.

Every 36 seconds, a couple gets divorced. While this can happen for several reasons, trouble with intimacy often sits at the root of all issues. 

Intimacy refers to the bonding that intertwines the two. While people often think of intimacy as sex, it also involves the nonphysical aspects of a relationship that draw you closer together.

Read on to learn 5 common problems with intimacy and solutions to resolve them, so you do not end up part of that statistic.

1. Sex Life Issues

Sex drives much of what we do in daily life, often on a subconscious level. Otherwise, why look good, smell nice, or buy that product from the smoke show selling it?

Pairing up with another person means you get guaranteed sex from somebody you’re attracted to. Unfortunately, this dream does not always pan out in reality.

When sex life problems arise from female hormonal imbalances, erectile dysfunction, or anything else that upsets the equilibrium, it hurts the intimacy in a relationship. Taking care of your mental and physical health can help keep things hot in the bedroom. Know more here.

2. Communication Trouble

Part of building intimacy involves communicating with one another. Open communication allows you to learn about your partner and their needs as they continuously grow as human beings.

Disconnections in communication lead to hurt feelings and unmet needs. This destroys intimacy.

Improve communication by listening to your partner and asking important questions. Go into conversations with the intent to understand rather than the goal of being right. Understanding each other is the essence of intimacy.

3. Anxiety

When anxiety takes over, a person lives in fear. Their sympathetic nervous system takes over and prepares them for fight or flight.

Neither one of those outcomes allows for intimacy in a relationship. If you or your partner suffer from anxious thoughts that create a barrier between the two of you, seek counseling. Resolving fear at the root will free space for an intimate relationship.

4. Secrets

Secrets will silently kill intimacy in a relationship. Do not mistake privacy with acting secretive.

Keep an open line of communication with your partner. Disclose things that could affect your relationship in any way because hiding is lying.

5. Boundaries

Setting clear and well-defined boundaries allows the two of you to open up to one another freely. Agreed upon boundaries creates limits so that neither party disrespects the other. 

Failing to set clear boundaries or setting too strict of boundaries can both create a barrier to intimacy. Improve relationships by setting and then revisiting boundaries as your relationship grows. 

Avoid Problems With Intimacy

Without intimacy, your relationship contains no substance. Avoid running into problems with intimacy by staying attentive, open, and honest with your partner. 

Ending a relationship out of fear of opening up will always leave you chasing more. Learn your partner and allow them to experience you by becoming deeply intimate.

If you want a healthy relationship, then you need a healthy body and mind. Find important wellness tips on our health and fitness page! 

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