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Were you aware that at least 75% of a vehicle consists of ferrous and non-ferrous metals? Tires, glass, plastic, fluids, and other materials make up the rest. Almost all these components, including uncontaminated fluids, are recyclable.

So, it’s no wonder that automobile scrapping is a big industry in the United States.

Scrapping a vehicle is a recycling method usually reserved for junk automobiles. We’ll give you the lowdown on what exactly makes a car junk and how to tell if your ride meets the bill, so be sure to read on.

It Satisfies the Legal Definition of a Junk Car

Title 49 USCS § 30501 codifies the legal definition of junk automobiles in the US. Under this law, a junk automobile is an inoperable automobile. It no longer has the capacity to operate on public roads, streets, and highways.

The same law defines junk vehicles as those that no longer hold any value except as scrap materials.

If your car meets any of those two definitions, then it’s no doubt a junk automobile.

Moreover, many states prohibit parking junk cars in areas visible to the public. In these states, it’s illegal to park a decrepit vehicle in plain sight, even if you park it on your own property. You must store it somewhere else where other people can’t see it, such as inside a locked garage.

Otherwise, your neighbors may report you for public nuisance. These citations come with hefty fines of at least a few hundred dollars.

That should be a good enough reason to consider junking a car. Besides, salvage yards and automobile buying companies offer quick cash for junk cars. As a bonus, getting rid of a junked vehicle will free up precious space in your garage.

Your Ride Is Nearing Its End of Life

End-of-life vehicles (ELVs) are vehicles that have reached the end of their usefulness. Experts agree that this can be after a car reaches the 200,000- to 300,000-mile mark. So if you drive an average of 15,000 miles a year, that translates to 13 to 20 years.

Junking a vehicle that old may already be a smart move, as aging cars can be road hazards.

You Have a Totaled Automobile

A totaled automobile is a vehicle requiring repairs that cost more than its actual value. Some states enforce thresholds they use as a basis for determining the totaled status of a car.

For instance, a totaled car in Nevada is one with damages so severe the cost to repair it is at least 75% its value. So if your vehicle is worth $7,000, but fixing it would cost you $6,000, then it already classifies as totaled. Many other states, such as Kansas, Michigan, and Tennessee, have the same thresholds.

Scrapping a car you’ve totaled is a good way to recover even just a little of what you paid toward the vehicle. Besides, even if you repair a totaled car, it will still have a salvage title.

Make Some Quick Cash by Scrapping a Vehicle Today

As you can see, scrapping a vehicle may already be mandatory if it meets the legal definition of a junk car. However, it doesn’t even have to be legally junk before you can scrap and sell it. You’re sure to find buyers even if your ride is super old or you’ve totaled it in an accident.

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