Medical and recreational marijuana faces many different legal stances. Is marijuana legalized in the U.S.? Click here to get the full details.

Cannabis is a plant that has fascinated the public for years. There has long been debate on its legal status, and research has shown that it has many benefits for both medical and recreational use. 

So is marijuana legalized? We’re happy to break things down for you. Keep reading to learn all about how cannabis is handled in the legal system, and what you should know about it. 

1. Cannabis Is Federally Illegal

Consuming and possessing cannabis is still illegal on a Federal level, though the government allows states the leeway and autonomy to make their own decisions. 

This is why in most cases, you’re not allowed to bring cannabis on a flight or anywhere else that is controlled by a Federal jurisdiction. 

2. Several States Have Legalized or Decriminalized Cannabis

Since the Federal government leaves cannabis legislation largely in the hands of its states, you need to know whether you live somewhere that allows it. 

Today, there are 19 states in which cannabis is legal for recreational use. It’s also legal in Guam and the District of Columbia. There are 36 states that allow medical cannabis and 27 that have decriminalized the plant. 

Each state has different requirements in terms of the amount that you can possess and in what forms. 

3. Cannabidiol (CBD) Is Legal in Most Regards

While there are different forms of medical marijuana, plenty of people are also learning more about cannabidiol (CBD) because of its medical and therapeutic benefits. 

Under federal law, CBD is legal as long as it is hemp-derived, and has less than .3% THC content. However, each state has the discretion to allow it or disallow it, so you will need to know the legal status where you live. 

4. There’s a Big Push for Cannabis to Be Legalized in Other States

There are still plenty of states where cannabis is illegal, but little by little, more states are making a push for legalization. As a matter of fact, the Drug Policy Alliance is advocating for cannabis to be decriminalized on the federal level. 

With such backing to change marijuana laws, you can expect to see it continuously legalized or up for a vote in several different states. 

5. It’s Up to the Individual to Know Their Rights and Obligations

It’s always up to you to know how the state you’re in treats cannabis so that you can avoid a criminal offense. Since you can face fines, jail time, probation, and other punishments for making the wrong decision, you have to advocate for yourself by first understanding what the law says. 

This way, you will be aware of your rights and obligations, and in a better position to take care of yourself. 

Is Marijuana Legalized? Stay Up to Date

So is marijuana legalized? The tips in this article are pertinent and helpful for anyone looking to understand how this plant is handled from a legal perspective. 

Make sure that you are doing everything in your power to know your rights, and touch base with legal professionals or cannabis advocates that can help you further. 

Check out our other posts to learn more cannabis information that will be helpful to you. 

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