Were you recently the driver in an Uber accident? It can be extremely stressful. Click here for some tips on how to protect yourself in court.

You expected a typical night of working Uber: picking up people and driving them to their destinations, earning tips along the way. What you didn’t expect was to be in an Uber crash.

Now, you may have Uber crash lawsuits coming your way. As stressful as that is, it is important to know what to do after an Uber accident and make sure you find the right lawyer for your case.

Here are six things about what to do after an Uber crash.

1. First, Contact Emergency Services

Right after a crash occurs, you need to contact emergency services like the paramedics and the police. This is to begin documentation of the crash itself and to tend to any injuries that may have occurred.

You should absolutely document the crash on your own as well. Use your phone to take pictures of the crash and any injuries your or your rider incurred as a result of the Uber crash. You can use this documentation to help you as you meet with legal entities regarding the Uber crash.

Even the smallest crash can qualify as an emergency. You also don’t want to be held liable for not calling for emergency services when your rider may require them.

2. Make Sure You Contact Uber Immediately Too

You will also need to contact Uber as soon as you can once the crash happens. There is a button in the app or on the website where you can contact them directly as a driver.

If you do not have the time to contact virtually, you can also contact Uber in the app. Head to the “Help” section, and a trained agent will be able to speak with you.

Uber has specific directions about the photographic evidence you need to provide them in the event of an Uber crash, so make sure you follow their instructions. That way, you can ensure that Uber can record the crash, as well as support you in the best way possible.

The photos are also for Uber to decide whether you can still go on using the vehicle to do your job. If you don’t suffer too much visual damage, then you can likely still continue Ubering in your vehicle. Otherwise, you may be unable to do that.

3. Look Up Ways to Win Your Uber Accident Claim

If you’re feeling nervous about upcoming Uber crash lawsuits, you’re not alone. However, you can maybe help alleviate some of your anxiety by looking up more tips.

An Uber accident claim is stressful for the driver and the rider involved. Make sure you learn the ins and outs of how a claim is filed. In addition, you can also learn what control you may have over the situation.

Remember: even though it is stressful, you are entitled to due process under the law, like every other citizen. Find a lawyer that will have your back, and keep yourself calm by researching ways you can win your accident claim.

4. Consider Talking to a Doctor

Another important step you can take after an Uber crash is to consult with a doctor. “But I’ve already seen the paramedics!” you say.

Even if you have already been seen by paramedics on the scene, it is a good idea to go see your doctor as well.

Why, you ask? Well, your primary care doctor or perhaps an ER doctor can provide official documentation about any injuries you (or your riders) may have had. With this, there will be a proper record of what injuries happened as a result of the crash.

This official documentation can then be used to help you in any Uber crash lawsuits you may find yourself in. It helps your lawyer build your case.

5. Find a Good Lawyer to Help You

Like any lawsuit, you need a good lawyer to help you out.

An experienced lawyer is always better to invest in when it comes to helping you come out successful in an Uber crash lawsuit.

Do not negotiate with anyone for a settlement before you speak with your own lawyer. Otherwise, you may find yourself out of a lot more money than you expected.

In lawsuits concerning vehicular accidents, lawyers need to determine who is liable, or responsible, for the accident.

Think of it this way: you are the driver involved in the accident, but there are also other entities involved too. Your riders in the Uber at that time and insurance companies are some of the other parties involved.

6. Contact Your Insurance Company Too

Some Uber drivers have commercial insurance. Some don’t. It can get confusing to know how to deal with an Uber crash.

If you are covered on your personal car insurance, then consult your personal car insurance to see if you will be covered in the event of a crash.

However, if you have commercial coverage, you should also contact your commercial car insurance company to determine next steps moving forward.

Uber has an extensive answer in their FAQs regarding car insurance.

6 Things You Need to Know About an Uber Crash

Knowing these six things of what to do after an Uber crash can help you in the moment when it happens. It can also help you prepare for a potential crash. While we can’t live in fear, we should always be prepared.

Remember that making sure everyone is safe and documenting the Uber crash should be your top priorities. After that, get ready to get lawyers involved to help you navigate the legal process.

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