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Since CBD products begin making an appearance on the market, several people have sought out these products for various uses. While they aren’t being used as the main treatment, several studies seek to prove a link between CBD products and the improvement of conditions the products are used for. 

If you’re someone looking to use CBD products, let’s take a deeper look into how to take CBD oil.

What Products Are Available?

Thanks to the booming cannabis and hemp industry, many businesses feature various CBD products for customers to choose from. The most common one people purchase is CBD oil.

Others that may intrigue you include:

  • Edibles (gummies, cookies, taffy)
  • Topicals (creams or lotions)
  • Sublingual (oil is taken orally)
  • Capsules 
  • Vape Juices or e-liquids

With the variety offered today, it can be challenging to understand which CBD applications will work the best for you. There are some things to consider that will help simplify which product you should choose.

The first thing you need to do is decide what you need the CBD for. Are you going to use it to treat arthritic inflammation or to improve anxiety symptoms? 

Certain forms of CBD work better for specific ailments than others, and that’s why you need to understand what you’re going to use it for. The next thing to consider is the level of THC present in the product.

Certain states have made CBD legal under the premise that it contains little to no trace of THC or less than 0.3. First, to remain within your state’s regulations, check what the guidelines are and then check the THC in your product before making your final purchase.

One thing you should avoid when searching for CBD is products that promise you results. CBD effects are different for every user. Purchasing from a company that states their products have some incredible power is misleading and can get your hopes up for immediate results.

CBD Edibles

Most people who choose CBD edibles do so because there are several delicious treats you choose from. Another benefit of edibles is that they’re discreet.

Nobody around you will know that you’re eating an edible. Instead, they will think you’re enjoying a cookie. Edibles are useful because you don’t have to worry about measuring your dosage.

You will get the proper amount each time you eat the edibles, as well as the bonus of longer-lasting effects.

CBD Topicals

You should only use topicals if you need localized pain relief. For example, if you experience chronic knee pain, you can rub a topical on the affected area numerous times a day.

Instead of reaching your bloodstream, topicals penetrate the skin for pain relief. Studies have shown a link between CBD and pain relief.

As well as it’s use for ailments such as arthritis or muscle cramps. There is also some evidence that it improves skin conditions.

31.6 million people have eczema, a skin disorder that causes red, itchy patches on various body areas. Some people have found that CBD topical use can help reduce the redness and inflammation of eczema.

The only thing to be aware of when using a topical is that the smell can be slightly overwhelming. But other than that, pain relief is what people are after and why this form of CBD is useful.

CBD Bitters

Some people don’t enjoy the taste of CBD, and that’s where CBD bitters come into play. This flavorful additive can be added to your favorite beer or cocktail.

You don’t have to use it in alcoholic beverages. You can also add it to several non-alcoholic drinks such as lemonade or water.

As you continue to enjoy your drink, you’ll also reap the CBD benefits that you added. When you use this product, it’s recommended that you add either five drops (5mg) or ten drops (10 mg) to your beverage.


If you don’t mind the taste of CBD and are looking for a method that will work the quickest, CBD oil is one of your options. The way to use it is to place a few drops of oil under the tongue.

Once placed under your tongue, it’s recommended that you wait 60-90 seconds, giving the oil a chance to absorb into your bloodstream. After most of the oil has been absorbed, you’re free to swallow the excess oil. 

There is some trial and error when using CBD oil because you will need to measure the dosage before each use. If you find that a specific dosage doesn’t work for you, increase your dosage over a period by 5 mg until you reach the desired dosage. 

CBD Inhalation

The use of CBD in vaporizers is the quickest delivery method of CBD presented on our list. Once the CBD is in the vaporizer, it released a host of cannabinoids in vapor form for the user to inhale.

CBD e-liquids come in flavors that anyone can enjoy, including blue raspberry, caramel, maple, strawberry, and many more. 

How To Take CBD Oil

The best way to answer how to take CBD oil will depend on several factors. Things like what you’re taking the oil for will help determine the CBD product you should take.

You can take it orally or use it as a topical to fit your needs. We hope that we’ve provided you the answers and information you were looking for. 

If you’d like more information on this topic or others such as fitness, vaping, or finance, check out more of our blog today.

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