How to Refill a Vape

Has your vape run dry? If you are new to the world of e-cigarettes you may struggle to know how you refill it. With so many options on the market, it can be tough to know which type you even have.

Below, we help you out with our handy guide. We talk about the different types and tell you how to refill a vape.

How to Refill a Vape With a Closed System

Vape pods come in two types, namely open or closed systems, with open systems having top and bottom fill options. The best refillable pod vape is a matter of preference, but once found, you should be able to top up easily.

Closed system vapes have a sealed tank. It is impossible to replace the liquid, and instead, you have to change the whole tank itself. You will notice when it needs changing due to less vapor production and flavor.

Simply open your vape and unscrew the old tank. Dispose of the old tank, and screw the new one into the device. Some vapes may even have the tank built into the e-cigarette itself, in which case you have to dispose of the whole vape and start with a new one.

Open System

The open system is one where the vape pods themselves can be refilled. Tanks will usually be clear, so you can tell when the liquid has run out. They are characterized by top and bottom filling vape pods.

Bottom Filling

Refilling a vape with a bottom fill starts by removing the tank. Unscrew the body of the coil. This can be removed from the top of the tank itself.

The coil will have holes in it. Place one or two drops of your e-liquid into the holes. The reason for this is to prevent burning when you start the vape back up.

Once you have placed the coil back into the tank, remove the bottom of the tank itself. Your tank should have a fill line marked on it. Use the pipette to place the liquid into the tank, up to the marked line.

Reassemble your device then wait for a few minutes. You should then be able to start using the vape.

Top Filling

Replacing a top fill is almost identical, except your device will remove at the top of its tank to allow liquid in. Remove your tank, then take the coil from inside this. Place your vape juice in the coil holes, then put it back.

Once you have done this, fill the vape juice to the marked line. Put everything back together and let it settle for a few minutes before use.

Try It Out

Once you know how to refill a vape, it can not hurt to try it out. Most vapes are extremely durable and the worst you can do is overfill the juice, which may not seem pleasant for a while after you begin using.

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