How to Get the Results You Want from Invisalign

Invisalign has become a go-to method of orthodontic treatment in the US. And for good reason! Compared to traditional braces, these crystal-clear aligners look fantastic, take less time to work, and (according to the same source) cause much less pain to boot.

Yet nothing in life’s guaranteed, right? To get the optimal outcome from Invisalign, it’s crucial to adhere to an array of orthodontic rules and recommendations. With that in mind, check out our top tips on how to get the best results from Invisalign.

Stick to Schedule

The first step to success is keeping up with the Invisalign schedule that your orthodontist prescribed. After all, they can (and will) tell you when the time’s right to change trays. But only you can make it happen!

Falling behind schedule is a recipe for slowing down the entire process. So have a look at your schedule on a regular basis, figure out when the next tray is due, and do whatever it takes to stay on top of the plan.

Time It Right

As you know, putting in a new aligner leads to an increase in discomfort! It’s natural. Those trays manipulate your teeth into a new position, which creates low-level pain in and around your gums.

One way to alleviate the discomfort is to wait until bedtime to put a new aligner in for the first time. This allows you to sleep through the initial discomfort instead of contending with it throughout the day.

Keep Them In

We get it, wearing your aligners isn’t always fun! It doesn’t matter how ‘invisible’ or effective they are, you’ve still got something in your mouth that you’d rather wasn’t there. Do yourself a favor and resist the urge to take them out though!

If they’re not in, then they’re not working. And your teeth will take ten times longer to move into the right position. Stick to the orthodontist’s orders and wear them as much as possible to speed things along.

Carry Backups

It’s amazing how easy it is to lose something that’s meant to stay in your mouth all day! People misplace their Invisalign aligners all the time, which is bad news when it comes to getting the best results. Remember, every second they’re out of your mouth is an opportunity for your teeth to move back into their original position.

That’s why having a backup set of aligners is invaluable. It means you’re covered in case of an emergency and don’t have to worry so much about the implications of misplacing them.

Get the Results You Want From Invisalign

Invisalign is an amazing way to correct orthodontic issues without the time commitment and pain of traditional braces. However, seeing the best results relies on you! You’ll never attain the outcomes you want without following your treatment plan to a tee.

These Invisalign tips should help anybody who’s currently accessing orthodontic treatment. But there’s much more to learn on this particular topic! To read more about all things related to orthodontics, search ‘orthodontist’ on the website now.

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