Have you chipped your tooth? You'll need to see a dentist right away. Here's how to find the best emergency dental services near me.

About 25.9% of adults have untreated dental caries. Leaving a cavity untreated could cause an abscess to form. An infection could spread, impacting your overall health as a result.

Whether you’ve developed an abscess or chipped a tooth, it’s important to have a dentist you can visit for any emergency. Having an emergency dentist you can call will give you peace of mind. You can keep a dental emergency from having a major impact on your health, too.

Searching for “emergency dental services near me?” Here are the seven tips you need for an effective search.

With these tips, you’ll have an easier time narrowing down your options. You can choose the best emergency dental care around.

You’ll have peace of mind knowing your emergency dentist is only a phone call away.

Start your search for “emergency dental care near me” with these tips today.

1. Ask for Referrals

First, speak with your friends and family members in the area. Let them know you’re searching for “emergency dental services near me.” They could suggest an emergency dentist they use themselves.

Ask about their experience visiting that dentist. What emergency dental services did they need? You can also ask:

  • Was the dentist easy to understand?
  • Was the dentist knowledgeable and able to answer your questions?
  • Were they professional?
  • Did you experience any problems?
  • Would you recommend I visit someone else? Why?

Speaking with people you trust can help you narrow down your options. You can learn from their firsthand encounter with the dentist. With their help, you can develop a shortlist of dentists to research further.

Then, you can use the rest of these tips to narrow down your options.

2. Search Online

If your friends and family members can’t suggest emergency dental services in the area, that’s okay. Head online and search for “emergency dental care near me.”

Then, visit each dentist’s website to learn more about their history.

Try to find a dentist with years of experience. Someone with hands-on experience has likely encountered every type of dental emergency. You’ll have more reassurance in their abilities.

Look for someone who has practiced dentistry for years in the area, too. It’s likely they’ve withstood competition in that time. A dentist that develops a strong local reputation will want to maintain that reputation.

They’ll do everything they can to provide the best possible emergency dental services.

3. Check Their Location

While you’re online, check each dentist’s location on a map. How far away are they from your home?

You won’t want to choose someone further than 20 minutes away. Otherwise, you might struggle to reach them during an emergency. Any delays in seeing an emergency dentist could increase your stress and anxiety.

Instead, choose a dentist that’s nearby. 

Consider the area they’re located in, too. Are you comfortable in that area? Consider driving over for a visit.

Pay attention to the parking situation. Could you quickly find parking during an emergency? Is the practice located in a safe place?

If not, keep looking. 

4. Consider Their Hours

An emergency can happen at any time. When seeking emergency dental care, you’ll need someone open 24/7.

Look at each practice’s office hours. You never know when an emergency might happen. Is the office open during major holidays?

Make sure they have weekend hours, too.

Otherwise, find a dentist that has better availability. You’ll have peace of mind knowing you can call during any emergency.

After all, you don’t want to race across town, hoping they can help, only to find they’re closed.

5. Understand Their Services

Emergency rooms throughout the country have experienced a dramatic increase in the number of patients seeking treatment for dental pain. In most cases, patients have suffered from dental decay they could have easily prevented.

Take the time to ask each dentist about the emergency dental services they offer.

For example, if your tooth gets chipped, you might visit an emergency dentist. See if their practice offers cosmetic dentistry services, too. They can restore your smile during your appointment.

Finding a dentist that offers the services you need can provide ease and convenience. You won’t have to zig-zag from one practice to the next.

Ask each emergency dentist about their specialties, too. What type of dental emergencies do they handle most? Finding someone with the experience you need can give you peace of mind.

6. Ask About the Ages They Treat

As you narrow down your options, ask each dentist about what age groups they treat.

If the dentist only treats adult patients, you might not know where to go if your child is facing a dental emergency. Instead, find a dentist who can help patients of any age. They can help every member of your family if an emergency ever strikes. 

Otherwise, you might need to find an emergency pediatric dentist and adult dentist. 

7. Check Your Insurance Plan

As you start narrowing down your options, make sure each dentist on your list accepts your dental insurance plan. You can’t always anticipate how much the emergency dental services will cost. The severity of the accident could impact the total expense.

Consider speaking with your insurance provider. They can give you a list of emergency dentists that fall under your plan. That way, you’ll never have to stress out over the cost if there’s an emergency.

Speak with each emergency dentist about the cost of their services, too. You might find costs vary based on the area you’re in.

Asking about costs now will help you maintain realistic expectations if an accident occurs. You’ll know what to expect before you visit the dentist. 

Emergency Dental Services Near Me: 7 Tips for an Effective Search

Your usual dentist might not cover emergencies. Instead, use these seven tips when searching for “emergency dental services near me.” With these tips, you’ll have an easier time narrowing down your options.

You can find a dentist you can trust with ease.

Searching for more helpful guides? You came to the right place.

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