If you're a fan of vaping, especially from cartridge loaded pens, here's what you need to know to properly maintain your vape cartridge and other gear.

With over nine million Americans taking up vaping, knowing how to clean your vape cartridge has become important now more than ever. Dirty vape cartridges can lead to bad hits at best and can make you sick at worst.

You don’t want your new favorite hobby to become a source of worry and distress. Knowing how to effectively clean your vape carts can make every hit feel like the first, so relax and follow this guide carefully.

1. Keep Your Vape Cartridge Vertical

The easiest and most obvious way to keep your pre filled vape cartridges in good shape is by making sure it’s always standing up. Leaving a vape pen on its side will cause the oil to run.

If the oil starts running along the side of the vape cartridge, your pen will have difficulty burning oil since most of it isn’t making contact with the atomizers.

2. Check For Leaks

If you put your vape pen cartridge in your pocket regularly (which you shouldn’t), the things in your pocket will scratch them. This can lead to small holes in the delicate glass which will damage your entire pen.

This is especially bad news if you have a THC vape cartridge like the delta 8 cartridge because now the THC is leaking onto your clothes. Obviously, this means that there’s less for you to enjoy and you’re damaging the machinery.

3. Replace and Clean Batteries

Not all vape pens allow you to switch out the batteries and atomizers. But for the ones that do, you need to make sure that you change and clean them regularly.

You will notice when vape pen cartridge refill will not vaporize correctly because of bad batteries. They might start burning at lower temperatures until you find that your pen is no longer capable of burning anything at all.

4. Check For Blockage

One issue that troubles dank vape cartridges is that they are prone to blockage. If you leave your cart lying around often, someone in your household could spill something on it and clog the insides.

If you lend your pen to an inexperienced vaper, they might get their saliva stuck in the barrel as well. This is why it’s important to make sure you look directly into the vape cartridges every once in a while to make sure there’s no blockage.

5. Warm Your Vape Cartridge

If you live in a cold, snowy area, freezing vape cartridges are likely to be a problem for you. Oils can freeze if exposed to sub-zero temperatures long enough, making it harder for you to hit your pen.

The solution is simple: remove your vape cartridge from your pen. Hold the lighter flame onto the surface for a few seconds until the oil unfreezes.

Keep Your Carts Clean For the Best Experience

Vaping is a fun way to get an extra boost of whatever you need throughout the day.

Keeping your pen working at maximum efficiency gives you the best hits every time. So don’t wait and check your cart and see if it needs cleaning right now!

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