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As COVID-19 cases continue to rise, it is important that we still find ways to handle regular business. This includes typical errands like handling Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) transactions. 

Many localities are closing offices or moving them online. It’s important that you how to handle your DMV business in a way that curbs the spread of the virus and protects you and others. 

Here are some ways that you can get the most out of DMV services while the pandemic is going on. 

Use Your State’s Virtual Portal Whenever Necessary

Once COVID-19 numbers started to get out of control, government businesses had to take measures to control the spread. For a lot of states, this meant that the DMV moved online for the majority of its transactions. 

If your state has an online portal, this is the most responsible way to handle your transactions. You will likely find it easier and more practical than having to wait in long lines at the DMV as well. 

Some transactions are seamless and immediate, such as renewing your registration or getting a new license after it has expired. If your transaction requires a DMV agent to go through paperwork and make different decisions, you can still handle these transactions online, but there may be secure correspondence back and forth each day, as opposed to immediate service. 

Look Into Third-Party DMV Services

There are also several third-party companies that provide DMV services of all varieties. These companies are licensed and authorized to provide certain DMV transactions. 

Using a service like will help you handle a number of transactions without having to show up to the DMV. 

Having access to a third-party service means that you get the same result of going to the DMV without the lines and red tape. This is particularly helpful if you live in a major city with longer DMV wait times than usual. 

Schedule an Appointment

If you would like to help control the spread of COVID-19, appointments are the best step to take. When your DMV books you an appointment they will have an easier time controlling the flow of traffic and the number of people in the building. 

They can also schedule virtual or phone appointments that will prevent you from waiting unnecessarily and lets you handle your business more optimally. 

Handle What You Can By Mail

Finally, make sure that you also take advantage of transactions that you can address by mail. This way, you get to take care of the paperwork while also keeping your distance. 

Double check the addresses and make sure that your correspondence is sent to the right address so that there are no delays. 

Make the Most of DMV Services During the Pandemic

As you can see, you can still take care of DMV business even with the pandemic in full swing. When you use the tips above, you’ll manage your DMV services while maintaining your health and distance. 

Let these tips help you so that you can handle all your motor vehicle needs while still keeping the virus at bay. 

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