Addiction is a scary place to be for most people, but there is always hope. Here are 5 sure signs your loved one may be an addict and should go to rehab.

Are you concerned about a friend or family member who you suspect may have substance abuse issues? Confronting someone you love about their addiction is a difficult conversation, so be sure you know the signs.

Before you try to help your friend go to rehab and get the help they need, take a look below. Are they exhibiting several of these problems? Here are the signs and symptoms of addiction.

1. Tolerance

You might have a loved one who needs rehabilitation if you notice their tolerance is high for alcohol or other substances. The more someone uses, the higher their tolerance is. If your friend or family member can have a lot of drinks without any noticeable effect, it may be time to talk to them about going to rehab.

Having that conversation is never easy, so look for resources that can help. You want to be as supportive as possible during this time.

2. New Friends

Does your loved one have new friends and hangouts? This doesn’t always mean they have relapsed or become addicted to substances. Yet it could indicate there is a problem, especially if they are cagey about where they’re going.

Those who aren’t inclined to share their whereabouts may have something to hide. If your loved one is vague about where they got something or who they met when they were gone for several hours, you may want to talk to them about rehab centers.

3. Signs Your Loved One Should Go to Rehab

Withdrawal symptoms like strange body odors or shaking hands could indicate your friend or family member may need an intervention. Other withdrawal symptoms include sudden weight gain or loss, along with mood swings.

Be sure to look up the addiction symptoms for fentanyl or other specific substances you believe your loved one might be struggling with. Knowing the specific symptoms can help you identify them and get your friend the help they need.

4. Denial of a Problem

Your loved one may need a rehab center if they are in denial that there is a problem. If you’ve seen the signs and you’re sure they have a problem, then denying they have any addiction could prove the very opposite. Someone with a substance abuse problem may not recognize the trouble they’re in, or they may want to ignore it as long as possible.

5. Financial Trouble

If you notice your loved one seems to be having financial difficulties, it could indicate they have a substance abuse problem. If they had money and it’s suddenly gone, or they can’t seem to keep food in the cupboards or gas in their car, they may be having trouble affording both their habit and their essentials.

Finding out they lost their job could also be an indicator, coupled with the other signs listed above. If you’ve asked them about it and they can’t or won’t tell you why they lost their job, it could be because of an addiction.

Getting Help

Your loved one may need to go to rehab if they show several of the signs above. One symptom by itself could be cause for concern, but it’s more likely they have an addiction if they’re showing multiple symptoms listed here.

Get your friend the help they need when you can properly identify their substance abuse tendencies using these signs.

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