Today is someone's birthday and Florida Man March 25 is out here making their day extra special, or not. We all know about Florida Man and what they're capable of. But sometimes they still sure surprise you. Here's a couple of stories for this date! Check them out.

Today is someone’s birthday and Florida Man March 25 is out here trying to make it extra special for them.

We all know about Florida Man and what they’re capable of. But sometimes he still manages to surprise us. Here’s a couple of stories from March 25! Check them out.

Florida Man March 25, 2020 –  He Bit a Man’s Face

STUART, Fla. – On March 25 Florida man was accused of attacking a couple. Afterward, he allegedly attempted to eat part of the man’s face.

On August 15, 2016, 19-year-old Florida man Austin Harrouff attacked Martin County couple John Stevens III and Michelle Miscon. 

He was a student at Florida State University when the incident occurred.

Harrouff believed that he is “half-man, half-dog” when he attacked the couple and bit Stevens’s face, and chewed a part of it, according to the defense expert Dr. Philip Resnick in 2019.

Harrouffs first assessment, by a health expert, stated that Harrouff is mentally ill.

A Florida judge granted a motion for Harrouff to have a second opinion to assess his mental condition for doing such a crime.

In October 2016, state expert psychologist Gregory Landrum assessed Harrouff for five hours and concluded that he was mentally ill at the time.

Landrum even stated, “Such an event is highly unusual as people with mental illness are no more likely to commit violent crimes than ordinary members of the public.”

Circuit Court Judge Sherwood Bauer Jr. mentioned in his most recent ruling that this is the only time he will allow a defendant to have a mental evaluation for the second time.

Florida Man March 25, 2018 – Social Media Fail

BAKER COUNTY, Fla. A Florida man was arrested after threatening someone on social media and showing his collection of high-capacity guns and ammo.

Brandon Yancey is a 44-year-old Florida man who lives with his folks in Cedar Creek Farms. This is the location where he was keeping all his weapons.

Yancey sent a message to someone on social media saying, “Thinking about doing something. Do not know if I should, recent events say go for it,” attaching photos of his several assault-style rifles and handguns. 

The man took screenshots of this conversation and sent it to Baker County Deputies, and the investigation began.

They first came to the house but weren’t allowed to search due to lack of documents. They soon came back with a search warrant.

This time they found all the weapons, including an AK-47, black skull mask, gloves, equipment, high-end rifles, ammunition, and even accessories.

Deputies believe that Yancey is possibly seeking retaliation after being fired for sexual harassment recently.

The sheriff reported that Yancey denied threatening anyone with his words posted on social media.

Debbie McKenzie found out about the arrest on Sunday. She stated, “There’s no guarantee — maybe the person never would’ve reacted — but there had to be some reason he had all the weapons and masks.” He added, “They may have prevented somebody from getting killed. I am pleased that that person came forward”.

His wife, Lynn McKenzie, told deputies, “I’d rather it be looked into than ignored.”

Yancey is in custody with a bond of $50,000. He is also required to get a mental health assessment before being released.

Final Thoughts

It’s not every day that you meet someone who thinks they’re half-man, half-dog. Today, we also learned that flexing your ammo in social media is not something you should do.

As always, Florida Man teaches us to avoid doing stupid things and be aware of people we see on the streets. Watch out for more crazy stories of Florida man in the wild on my blog.

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