There's a lot of gossip and hearsay in the automotive industry these days. Let's debunk the most common myths that exist about European cars.

So, you love cars, but you’re unsure about buying European cars. Well, we are here to ease your fears!

The myths about the European vehicle are just that: myths. We are here to debunk them with this simple guide! We are going to tackle to most common myths and let you in on why you should reconsider buying European. 

Let’s get started!

Dealership Exclusivity for Repairs 

One of the most common myths regarding European vehicles is that you must get them serviced at the dealership.

This is not true. In fact, there are many qualified European car service centers all over the world, including those that provide Audi service Brisbane.

Premium Gas 

There is a myth that all European cars require you to use only premium gas. It is true that many cars from Europe do call for premium gas. However, it is important to note that not all do.

So, if you buy a European car that can run off low-octane fuel, you are only wasting money by using premium. 

Expensive Parts 

This myth might have some truth, but hear us out! The industry standard for European cars has always suggested, if not required, the use of imported parts for service and repairs. With that being said, generic lower-quality parts can be used for repairs and service. 

However, it is important to note that while you might save money with these low-cost parts upfront, they will end up costing you more down the line. Think of it this way: The more you spend upfront, the more you save down the line. You are protecting your investment by using genuine parts. 

Difficult to Repair 

You might have called a repair center before and heard them specify that they don’t work on European cars. For this reason, many people assume they are difficult to work on. However, they just take some getting used to in order to master! 

European cars are built for stability, luxury, and strength, and it shows in their design. So, finding someone familiar with the make of car you own is key to handling repairs with ease!

Need Less Oil 

This myth is a dangerous one. In fact, oil-related problems are a leading cause of engine issues.

European cars are often marketed as being able to go thousands of miles between oil changes because of their synthetic oil capabilities. However, the fact is, old oil is old oil, and if you are low on oil or needing a change, you must act accordingly to preserve your vehicle’s integrity! 

Buying European Cars 

As you can see, the myths regarding buying European cars a highly inflated! European cars offer style and safety, and with a little education about the car you buy, you can become an expert on your ride!

So, forget the myths and stick with facts. Buy yourself a European car today! 

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