There's a lot of gossip and hearsay among couples these days. Let's debunk the most common myths about sexual libido that exist today.

Did you know that 43% of women and 31% of men have experienced low libido? When the sex drive drops, it does not help that so many myths surround it.

But do you know how to sort sexual fact from fiction?

If not, then we can help. Read on as we debunk the most common sexual libido myths. 

All Men Have High Sex Drives

Contrary to popular belief, not all men have high sex drives. In fact, you may also be surprised to learn that not all men think about sex every seven seconds either. Both men and women have a baseline sexual libido, that will go through periods of high, medium, and low points. 

Relationship problems tend to occur when couples have a mismatched libido. One partner may have a high sex drive, wanting it frequently, while another partner may seldom want it. If you want to know why one person may decrease, you can learn more about it here

Pornography Does Not Impact Sex Drive

Pornography always brings up a healthy discussion about its impact on sexual health. However, whatever your views on it are, porn itself does not affect libido. It all depends on the person watching it and their viewpoint. 

The danger is that it could condition people to think porn is sex. In reality, they are extremely different. The person may lose sexual performance if elements of pornography are not included in their experience. 

One other danger is that a person comes to prefer pornography to actual, physical sex. However, most people maintain a healthy balance in which they watch pornography and have a good libido. 

Food Can Increase Libido

Other than the personal connections it creates, there is no scientific evidence to suggest foods can increase your libido. They may give more energy, or increase your mood, but nothing relates to libido or sexual stamina directly. Thus, you can put away the oysters and settle down for dinner with something you really enjoy eating instead. 

Low Male Libido Means Low Testosterone

Testosterone does have a correlation with sex drive in men and women. However, low male or female libido has many other facets involved. Lifestyle, diet, mental and physical health can all play a part, so don’t assume increasing testosterone will improve the libido. 

You Can’t Increase Your Own Sex Drive

Sex drive will decrease or increase depending on a range of factors. By altering them, you can improve your libido as you see fit. 

Start by addressing your physical health. Check you are eating correctly and getting enough water and exercise. After this, address any mental health issues you may have, including stress and anxiety.

After this, find time for yourself. You may wish to meditate or do mindfulness. Others may have hobbies they like to take part in. 

Get Sexual Libido Help

Finally, see a doctor or get help from a psychologist. They may be able to identify problems with your sexual libido you have not. By adjusting one lifestyle change, many others may improve. 

If you enjoyed this article, we have many more to help. From mental to physical health, we can keep you in the best shape this year. 

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