Bringing up the Rear: FirstTime Anal Tips

Approximately 40% of people in the United States have had anal sex at least once. So most have never experienced penetrative anal sex. But you are definitely not alone in thinking about trying it.

All genders can experience, and enjoy, different types of anal sex. It might be uncomfortable for some but pleasurable for others.

Check out these first-time anal tips before you try anal sex to prepare for the experience!

Tip 1: Make Sure You Are Ready

Although your partner might be ready to try anal sex, that does not mean you are. You need to feel safe, comfortable, and relaxed before trying any new sexual act.

First, you need to have total trust in your partner. If you are the receiver, you are the one in control, not the giver. You need to feel confident that they will stop if you ask.

Remember, consent is always sexy. Having a safe word might also make you feel more comfortable.

But most important, make sure it is something you want to do. It is okay to be nervous, but deep down, are you sure you want to try it? Listen to your gut and do not feel pressured.

Tip 2: Experiment With Toys First

If you feel uncomfortable having your first-time anal session with your partner, try anal toys.

People who have not experienced any kind of anal sex may have pain or hygiene concerns. Using a toy first will ease those worries and help you understand where your limits are.

The best anal toys are dildos or butt plugs. You can start with smaller anal sex toys and work your way up. Vibrating anal sex toys could be another way to experience pleasure through this type of penetration.

You could either try anal stimulation with toys alone or with your partner.

Tip 3: Try Anal Foreplay

One of the best first-time anal tips is to not dive straight into penetrative anal sex. Don’t forget about the warm-up act!

There are other types of anal play you could do with your partner before (or instead of) penetrative anal sex. These include massage, rimming, and licking.

You could also throw clitoral, vaginal, and/or penis stimulation into the mix, too.

Tip 4: Use Lubrication

Unlike vaginal sex, anal sex offers no natural lubrication.

It’s important for safety reasons to use appropriate lubrication before attempting anal penetration. Water-based, silicone-based, or even heated lubrication are all fine.

Using contraception is also a good idea because STDs are still transmitted through this type of sex.

Tip 5: Relax and Enjoy It

Once you have a trusted partner and feel comfortable, remember to relax, breathe, and enjoy it!

If cleanliness worries you, anal sex is no less clean than other types of sex. Although, having anal sex in the bath or shower might ease those concerns.

Anal sex will only feel good if you relax because if you are tense, your anal muscles will tighten and it might hurt.

This type of sex also might hurt if your partner is penetrating too deep. Many men receive prostate stimulation through penetrative anal sex, but for many women only the rim is pleasurable. It also may hurt if your partner is too fast.

Also, anal sex is often thought of as a doggy-style only type of sex. But other popular positions such as the missionary, cowgirl, or spooning positions may work better for you.

Feel Comfortable With These First-Time Anal Tips

Anal sex can be fun, but it can be uncomfortable. If you use these first-time anal tips you are more likely to have an enjoyable experience that you will want to repeat again and again!

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