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Did you know that there were over 285 million cars on the road in the USA in 2019? During the last few years, many have taken advantage of economic conditions to get their license and start driving. 

However, once you own a car, you have the responsibility to maintain it. Do you know the symptoms of major problems? Would you know when to replace a bad fuel filter?

Why not take a minute to check out our in-depth article that will show you how to do just that.

Relieving Fuel Pressure

The first step in replacing a fuel filter is to take the necessary steps to protect yourself. You can use the car’s manual or Google to locate the fuse for the fuel pump. This will ensure that there is no electricity flowing through the connections to the filter. 

Safety is of course always our first concern when working with car engines. You should ensure that you have the correct clothing, tools, and parts to do the job. Why not take a few moments to learn more about this before starting.

Remove Remaining Fuel

Even though the car is not running, you likely will have some fuel in the filter and the lines running into it. You can use this up by starting the car and keeping it in park. The existing fuel in the lines will run out after a few moments and the car will naturally stop.

Disconnect Your Battery

Since you are working deep within the engine, it is good to remove any chance of an electric shock. To do this, you should disconnect the battery. You do not need to remove it, just disconnect the terminals and leave them close by.  

Locate Your Fuel Filter

Now that your work area is safe, you can start to remove the filter. Fuel filters are typically found in one of three locations in the car. The engine bay, close to the fuel line under the car, or somewhere else. It would be good to research your particular car’s design to find out its location. 

When you do locate it, you should place a container underneath it. This will catch the extraneous fuel that may still be in the filter. Remember it takes very little fuel vapor to start a fire. Ensure that you gather it using a container to avoid a fire.

Remove the Fuel Filter and Fuel Line

The fuel filter itself will be held in place by a couple of simple clips. You can usually use a simple flathead screwdriver to pull the clips out. These clips can often break, so it is good to purchase replacements when purchasing a fuel filter. After this, you can use your hands to remove the fuel filter.

You can follow the above steps in reverse to insert, fit, and reattach the connections for the new filter. After you have reinserted the fuse and switched the engine on, it will automatically pump fuel through the system. Your car will be ready to go.

Replacing a Bad Fuel Filter and Much More

If you are a mechanic, you likely know the symptoms of a bad fuel filter. You have probably seen the results of not changing the filter before dirty fuel enters the engine and clogs up the system.

Avoid this and help your clients avoid it by changing the fuel filter for a fully functioning fuel filter that will ensure the car gets the best quality fuel possible. 

If you are interested in car maintenance and other lifestyle topics, we recommend that you take a look at our blog articles.

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