Most of the time, I find great pleasure in learning about new technology. However, learning the hard way about the advances in red light traffic camera tech has not been one of those times. And unfortunately, it has taken me multiple traffic violations resulting in tickets to learn this. Luckily the simplicity of Drivesafelyinnassau helps make a bad situation a little less painful.

In this post, I will show you how to pay your traffic ticket online by credit card or even by mail. This may feel tedious, however, it is extremely important to follow these steps. This is the best way to prevent any further consequences.

Red Light Camera Program

Nassau county has enforced the ‘Red Light Camera Program.’ A Notice of Liability (NOL) is a notification that you have disobeyed the law. There are numerous ways to resolve this notice. It should be noted that the absence of a sign does not resolve this notice. This is given that Nassau county has attempted to upkeep the signage.

Why Did I Receive This?

There are many different reasons that you may receive a traffic violation. Passing the stop line is a widespread example. Another example is entering the intersection while going straight. Making a left turn once the light has turned red is also grounds for an NOL. You must make a complete stop before taking a right turn. Otherwise, this will also result in an NOL. Furthermore, drivers are not able to make a right turn at every intersection in Nassau County. When you can not, there will be a sign saying this.

It is extremely important to attend this hearing. If you fail to do so this may result in a conviction. Furthermore, people will incur a $75 additional fine for each notice.

Why Traffic Laws are Important

It is crucial to always follow all existing traffic laws. This ensures the safety of everyone else on the road. This is a way to prevent motor vehicle collisions. Although following these laws can feel tedious, they exist for a reason. Everyone has a right to their safety. Working with other citizens is a great way to ensure that this happens.


There are many consequences for people who fail to abide by these guidelines. Consequences are typically measured on a case-by-case basis. However, we are going to outline some common ones. For instance, you may be referred to a debt collection agency. Alternatively, you may receive a default judgment against the registered owner of the vehicle. There may also be a filed lien against the registered owner with the Nassau County Clerk. These are all additional measures that go beyond the fines that are already due.

Paying On DriveSafelyinNassau

  1. Gather your traffic ticket and whichever payment method you will be using. They accept credit cards and debit cards only (Visa, Mastercard, and Discover)
  2. After you have your information go ahead and log into the official site. You can find it at Please note that this will now redirect you to
  3. Once the DriveSafelyinNassau site has opened, and you have clicked the “Pay Your Violation” button. You will then be prompted to enter your notice number and pin code. You can find your number and pin code on the top right corner of the violation notice.
  4. Now you will have a chance to review the photo evidence against you.
  5. If you have decided the evidence is enough, you can go ahead and pay your traffic violation by credit or debit card.
  6. You will now receive a confirmation number that will act as your receipt. I recommend either printing or screenshotting this for your records.

Notice of Liability Hearing

If you don’t want to pay for the traffic violation, you must schedule a hearing. This must be done before the date that appears on the NOL. Once you schedule an NOL, you will receive a Notice of Hearing. The notice will be mailed to the registered owner and include the date they are meant to appear.


In short, traffic red light tickets are not my favorite topic to cover, but I hope I have helped reduce some of the stress in an otherwise stressful situation. However, It helps to keep in mind that the ultimate goal is to keep you and other drivers safe. On the bright side, it is a lot better paying your traffic ticket at Drivesafelyinnassau by credit card than having to go to the Nassau county courthouse to pay it. Thanks and don’t forget to drive safely in Nassau county.

If you happened to have stumbled onto this article and do not live in Nassau County, it is because handles credit card payments all over the country. You can follow the same instructions as above. Once you have entered your traffic ticket number and pin, you will know if you are in the right place or not.

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