A boudoir photoshoot can make you feel incredible and the right poses can make all the difference. These are the poses that will make you feel incredible.

Semi-nude photos are 54% more likely to appear in peoples’ feeds than other types, which shows we love empowering images. 

Boudoir photos let you get creative with outfits or poses, and express yourself. Perhaps you’re planning your next photoshoot but you’re unsure which boudoir photography poses to try.

Sounds familiar? Don’t worry, we’ve got your back. Here are nine poses to try today.

1. Sitting On the Edge of a Stool

Despite the term, boudoir photography doesn’t have to be in a bedroom or on a swanky plush armchair. 

In fact, one of the best boudoir photography poses is when you’re sat on the edge of a stool. You can try straddling it and lean forwards, so your hands cup your face. This is a fantastic way to emphasize your shoulders and chest. 

2. Stretching Legs on a Couch

If you’re after boudoir photography poses tips, elongate your legs by stretching out on a couch. The photographer should snap the photo from a top-down perspective so they capture your full body from a flattering angle. 

Or, try posing atop a flat surface like a table, and extend one leg down while the other is bent at the knee. Confident gymnast or yogi? Then bend your body into unique poses as it will add visual interest to each shot. 

For instance, use your arms to balance, and then point your legs and toes so your body is more elongated. This will look great if you’re wearing a bodysuit as it will accentuate your body shape. 

3. Body Side-On, Face Towards Camera

Those after classic boudoir photography poses should keep their bodies sideways while gazing at the camera. This enhances your body’s curves, gives the viewer a glimpse of the shoulder, and lets you make a smoldering look.

Try and keep your hair over one eye as it will add more drama to the photo.  

4. Knees up and Lying Back Resting On Arms 

For those after a hard-hitting boudoir photography pose, this one is for you.

Keep your knees bent, feet pointed, and bend your arms so they’re at a 90 degrees angle. Then, arch your back and tilt your head so it looks sensual. The angle and the lines in your body must be right, so experiment until it’s perfect.  

And you mustn’t forget to get your soulmate involved!

One of the top boudoir couple photography poses is when you straddle your partner and lean back as they hold you. Your loved one can either kiss your shoulder or put their arms around your waist.

5. Sitting With Hands On Knees

We often forget that simple works best with boudoir photography. If you need help warming into the shoot, kneel on the bed and rest your hands on your knees. 

You could also bend one leg and fold the other so it’s underneath your body. Then, lean forward while keeping your arm on the leg in the foreground. The key is to be relaxed so keep your fingers and toes softly pointed. 

Or lie on your back, bend your right leg, and keep the other crossed over it. Make sure you have a slight arch in your back so the curve is accentuated. 

6. Arms up and Resting On Head

Many models worry about what to do with their hands, so a simple solution is to keep them on your head. This relaxes the arms so they fall softly and the hands aren’t tense.

A bonus is these work when your standing or sitting, depending on your preference.  

7. Lying With Back Arched

For a sensual pose, lie on your back while keeping your back arched.

But rather than looking straight at the camera, turn your head to the side. To help you, position your legs in the opposite direction from your head to create an S-curve in your body.  

Or, lie on the couch and use the arm to elevate your upper body, so there is a curve along the hips and back. 

8. On All Fours With One Leg Lifted

This pose is a surefire way to heat up your photoshoot!

Get onto all fours, keep your back arched, and then kick your foot. For the best shot, ask the photographer to shoot from below or at eye level so it’s more empowering. 

9. Side-Lying With Hair Splayed

If you’re stumped for boudoir photography poses, lie on your side with your hair splayed over a pillow.  

Or, ask the photographer to snap a photo from behind so it accentuates your back. This is a good beginner pose as it’s not imposing and your face isn’t visible so you feel more comfortable. 

You could also sit, while turning away from the camera, and keep your arms extended slightly on either side.

Wear detailed lingerie or grab a prop to add visual interest to your shoot. Experiment with props whether it’s licking icing off of a cupcake, flipping through a magazine, or holding a cup of steaming coffee as it will make your photos more interesting. 

As you gain confidence, look slightly to the side so part of your face is revealed. But don’t forget to tuck your hair behind an ear so your side profile isn’t hidden.

Those Are the Top Boudoir Photography Poses

Hopefully, you now have a list of the best boudoir photography poses. 

You can get a range of wonderful boudoir photos by sitting on the edge of a chair, stretched along with a couch, and even kneeling on your bed. It’s best to experiment with different poses such as lying with your back arched or on all fours as it will heat up the shoot. Have fun! 

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