If you just bought a car and want your license plate to stand out, this guide can help. Here are tips on personalizing license plates for new car owners.

A new car deserves new custom plates! Driving a vehicle that’s truly “you” isn’t complete without a set of personalized plates that set you and your car apart. 

Entertain people behind you while in traffic or display your status as you drive through the city. Special license plates are fun and an excellent way to have more fun while you drive!

If you’ve never ordered custom plates, we’re here to help you get the style and text that you want. What do you need to know about personalizing license plates for your car? Follow these five tips. 

1. Plan Ahead

While you can order customized plates any time, it’s ideal to time it around your registration renewal when you’re due for new plates. 

Apply for superhero license plates or other designs two-three months before your renewal deadline. Doing this helps you avoid paying double fees for new plates after the state issues you the next standard plates in line.

2. Follow the Law

Can you choose anything when thinking through custom plate design ideas? While you have plenty of flexibility, be sure to follow state license plate laws for acceptable text. 

Most states have requirements for number and letter combinations, maximum (or minimum) number of characters, and illegal phrases. If the state decides your requested text is inappropriate or vulgar, they can deny it.

3. Reserve Text Ahead of Time

If you know you want personalized plates the next time you renew, reserve the text ahead of time. In many states, vehicle owners can reserve a phrase up to two years in advance without paying to order it.

Doing this ensures that your personalized plate text is available when you’re ready to complete the order and pay for new plates. 

4. Get Creative

Don’t stop with the plate itself! Show off your one-of-a-kind pet-themed license plates or personalized text with the right plate holder. Add an emblem next to the plate from online sites like chromeemblems.com to complete the look you want for your car.

5. Secure It

Customized plates can be a target for thieves or mischievous kids. You might have absolutely nailed it with the perfect plate design and text, making it appealing for someone to steal. 

Once your plates are gone, you’ll have to order new plates with different text until your custom plates expire. The DMV does not replace stolen or missing custom plates.

Make sure your plates stay on your car! To prevent the disappearance of your plates, consider securing them to your vehicle with theft-proof security screws. These inexpensive kits make it challenging to remove plates without the right tools. 

Enjoy Personalizing License Plates For Your Car

Personalizing license plates for your car is a fun way to stand out on the road! Choose a phrase and design that sums you up or makes a statement, then follow the tips above to enjoy your custom plates. 

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