If you want to keep your car from getting stolen in any location, this guide can help. Here are tips to follow to avoid getting your car stolen.

Few people walk away from their parked vehicles thinking about how they could get their car stolen. The chances are larger than many drivers realize: Car theft makes up over 10% of reported crimes in the United States every year.

While the crime is common, you don’t have to surrender to the statistics. Read this article to learn some must-know car theft prevention methods.

1. Pass on Keyless Cars

In 2021, we can do almost everything without touching anything. We use voice commands to control our phones. We pay people online and turn the lights on and off from our couches.

Keyless cars are another common touchless phenomenon that we love, but they have a major downside. Car thieves have to learn special tricks to snatch keyed cars. With keyless cars, they can start the vehicle and get away with a push of a button if they have the fob or other technology.

Thieves get a bonus with these types of vehicles, too. Keyless cars have more value because the first cars to adopt keyless technology are higher-end.

If you’re too attached to keyless starts to give them up, be cautious with your key fob. Don’t leave it in the car, or thieves will have no trouble starting the car and driving away.

Make sure not to lose it, either, or they can track your car down using its alarm function. If a thief finds your key fob, they can use your anti-theft system against you!

The surest way to beat the risks of keyless cars is to avoid them altogether.

2. Valuables in Vehicles Lead to Getting Your Car Stolen

Abandoned vehicles on the side of the road or taking up streetside parking spots aren’t often shiny, classy cars. You don’t need to be a professional detective to know the reason behind that. Thieves look for high value, so they don’t take those nasty types of vehicles.

Some people steal junk cars to sell them for pennies because they’re desperate or need a getaway ride. For the most part, though, thieves want something fancy to show off or sell for big cash.

Apart from valuable cars, thieves find value in the things you leave in your car. Purses, travel bags, and technology such as phones, tablets, and DVD players tempt them.

Even ambiguous boxes that could hold something nice attract thieves. Burglars and car thieves don’t know whether or not you have valuable things. For them, there’s no better way to find out than breaking into your car.

Once they’re inside, they have access to the most valuable item you have—The vehicle itself! If the intruder has any automotive skills, they can drive away in seconds.

Always being sure to take your valuables with you or storing them in a safe place is the only way to ensure nobody steals anything. This tip is multi-purpose, both preventing car theft and helping you avoid your bags and other needed items from being taken.

3. Always Know Where Your Car Is

You don’t need to be clumsy or a forgetful person to misplace your vehicle. All drivers lose their cars at some point.

Trying to remember landmarks before hitting your destination is a good start, but it’s not much use if you forget them. Other times, you’re a bit tipsy when leaving events. Alcohol washes away any preparation you did.

It can take hours to locate a car among a sea of others at a festival. Parking garages are also notorious for confusing drivers. Even if you note a structure or sign to help find your car, it can take serious time to find the landmark.

Losing your car is a huge risk of theft. If you’re nowhere around for hours, thieves have more time to notice and steal the car.

None of the traditional methods for finding a misplaced car are foolproof. So, what can you do to lessen the time needed for a successful car search?

It’s easy: A GPS vehicle locator helps find your car before it’s taken. One of these becomes an excellent stolen car tracker when disaster strikes, too. You can click here for more information about how trackers make rough times as painless as possible.

4. Park Your Car in Trustworthy Places

Parking fees these days are ridiculous: It seems you can’t go anywhere without throwing five dollars down at the parking lot or meter.

It’s tempting to park in empty lots, on side streets, and in dim alleys where you don’t have to pay. Keep in mind that you could pay thousands for parking there when someone breaks into your car or steals it.

Choosing a well-lit and populated area helps deter thieves from stealing your car. Few criminals are bold enough to bust windows and pick locks where people can see them. The ones who are willing to do that are quick to get caught.

You can also hope that it won’t be as hard to find your car when you put it somewhere where it’s easy to see. Yet, even if you can’t find your car, you know there’s a much lower chance of someone stealing it during your search. A three-hour hunt becomes more annoying than anxiety-inducing when you leave your vehicle somewhere safe.

5. Make Stealing Your Car Almost Impossible

The prevention tactics you read above are the best solutions to car theft. In many cases, they make thieves think they can’t so much as lay a finger on your vehicle. Despite that, having a last line of defense is 100% necessary.

Bold, experienced thieves not deterred by prevention methods exist. Some of them break windows in broad daylight. Others know how to rewire keyless cars or use technology to start them without fobs.

Theft-prevention devices are the tools you need. You can use a bar to lock your steering wheel, put locks on your car’s wheels, and even lock the gas pedal.

Stealing a car outfitted with anti-theft tools takes a lot of skill and a long time, translating into more time to get caught. Thieves don’t want that, so they don’t attempt to get through these devices in most cases. When they do get in, the tools stop them in an instant.

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Now that you know some of the best ways to avoid having your car stolen, you can be sure you’re protecting your investment to the best of your abilities.

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