Looking to supe up your 4th gen 4 runner? We have some great options for you! Here are the 5 best car modifications including bumpers and more!

Kelley Blue Book has officially named the top ten vehicles of 2021 with the best resale value. Toyota proudly claims four of the ten spots, with the 4Runner being one of them. If you own one of these rock-solid vehicles, then you probably aren’t surprised. 

With the 4Runner in such high demand, there are several aftermarket parts options. This gives you plenty of opportunities to customize your vehicle, making it perfect for your style and driving needs. 

From roof racks to bumpers, these five ideas will help you get started customizing your fourth-generation 4Runner. 

1. Roof Rack 

Adding a roof rack to the top of your 4Runner not only improves the look of your vehicle but it gives you more storage capacity. A solidly constructed roof rack is a must if you plan to take road trips, go off-road, or simply haul a lot of stuff. 

Look for a rack constructed out of aluminum. It’ll be lightweight yet have a high weight capacity. This is more desirable than a steel rack with the same weight capacity but weighs significantly more. 

2. Wheels and Tires

One of the most popular car modifications for the exterior of your 4Runner is to change out the wheels and tires. This is because the standard wheels on the 4Runner are heavy and thick. 

Upgrading your wheels can give your 4Runner a stylish makeover. If you only plan to drive on the road, look for tires with less aggressive tread to improve your fuel economy. If you plan to take your 4Runner off-road, you’ll want an aggressive tread and large sidewalls for plenty of traction on unstable ground. 

3. Rock Sliders and Side Rails 

Side rails will make it easier to get in and out of your 4Runner. Rock sliders are plates that attach to your bumpers and vehicle underside to protect it from higher terrain. If you’ve bought a new 4Runner, you’ll want to check out the latest aftermarket bumpers for 4th gen 4 Runners.

These aftermarket bumpers not only protect your vehicle but also give it a unique and cool look. 

4. Lighting 

Whether you’re looking to own the street or the wilderness, you need aftermarket lighting. Thankfully, there are countless car accessories that feature LED lighting. 

You could add accent lighting behind the grille. Upgrade the headlights, so they are brighter and safer. Mount spot or floodlights on the roof. 

Give your 4Runner a custom street look with under glow, behind-the-wheel lights, and in-cabin lighting. 

5. Suspension

Upgrading your suspension can lift your 4Runner to give you more clearance. There are complete kits that you can buy to make the upgrade simple. You’ll want to research different types of suspensions to find one that does what you want. 

You could lower your 4Runner, but this will make it less than ideal for off-roading. Other kits improve the ride comfort by making it smoother. The third type of suspension will lift your 4Runner and give it more clearance, making it better for off-roading. 

Start Upgrading Your 4Runner With New Bumpers

Isn’t it time you started customizing and upgrading your Toyota 4Runner? You could start with the bumpers. Then upgrade the lighting, suspension, and wheels. 

Check out the parts section of our blog for more useful articles that will help you customize your ride. 

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