Don't leave your home worried about your car battery again. Take your pick from the following five best car battery chargers of 2021.

Having to deal with a dead car battery when you’re far from home can be frustrating. If you don’t have some form of roadside assistance, it might take you hours, days, or weeks to get your car up and running again.

Having a car battery with you is a smart way to avoid getting stranded. Besides, many car battery chargers are multifunctional and compact. Which of these five impressive options will you choose?

1. Best Budget Pick

You don’t need to empty your wallet to enjoy the benefits of having a car battery charger. The NOCO GENIUS1 is a compact 12V/6V charger ideal for quick and trickle charges. What’s not to love?

2. Best Compact Charger

NOCO is a trusted brand when it comes to car battery chargers. And when you need a ton of power in a small package, you’ll want the NOCO GENIUS10. It’s a little pricier, but it’s also one of the most impressive finds.

3. Most Powerful Option

Larger vehicles often have heftier batteries that require more power when charging. The Schumacher 100-amp charger might be the most capable fast-charging device available. It can even quick-start your battery!

4. Best for Garage Storage

Not all car battery chargers are designed for in-car storage. Some are better suited to your garage. The Ampeak 12V battery charger is a prime example of a powerful, but a heavy, option.

5. Most Rugged Car Charger

If you need a car charger that can stand up to impacts and dirt, you’ll want to consider the BLACK+DECKER 12V car charger. This device is designed to clamp to your garage workbench for easy usage!

Tips for Using a Car Battery Charger

There right and wrong ways to use a car battery charger. Ensuring that you’re using your car battery correctly is vital. After all, improper operation can lead to safety hazards and broken devices.

When using a car battery charger, it’s a great idea to:

  • Check it weekly to ensure it’s still working
  • Store it in a safe, dry place in your car, trunk, or garage
  • Wear rubber gloves when handling charging cables
  • Avoid using your charger in rainy, wet weather

Where to Buy Car Battery Chargers

You can buy car battery chargers online or in-store—many automotive supply stores and department stores stock car chargers.

Still, shopping online is often the best solution. You can compare a wider range of products in a matter of minutes, which is convenient.

Best Car Batteries

The best car batteries are those that are designed to fit your vehicle! When replacing an old battery, you can refer to your owner manual to find out the specific size and type of battery you need.

But have you ever asked yourself, “How Does a Lead Acid Battery Work?” If so, you may want to do some further research on car batteries and how they’re made.

Where to Buy Car Batteries

There are several places to buy top-notch car batteries. Local automotive supply stores are a great place to start, but auto mechanics and specialized stores are also options. 

Before visiting any stores or autobody shops, you’ll want to call ahead to see if the purveyor has the right type of battery for your vehicle. Doing so can help you avoid in-store frustration and disappointment.

Never Leave Home Without a Car Battery Charger

Having a top-notch car battery and portable charger can make a significant difference when you’re in an emergency. Hopefully, at least one of these high-quality car battery chargers has caught your eye!

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