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Exercising comes with a wide range of benefits. Many people think of only the physical aspect of working out, but did you know that incorporating healthy exercises into your daily routine also enhances your mind?

That’s right! Easy exercises not only contribute to your physical health, but your mental health – and the benefits are endless.

Between heart health, increased energy levels, improved mood, and a stronger focus, you really can’t go wrong with picking up some healthy exercises. Sound like something you’re interested in? 

Keep reading for four mind-body exercises for healthy living!

1. Walking

Let’s start with something we all do: walking! Although it’s one of the most simple exercises we can do, walking reduces your risk of developing high blood pressure and is a great exercise for heart disease prevention.

Even starting with a 10- to 15-minute walk around your neighborhood will help you in taking care of your heart

All you’ll need are a pair of supportive shoes!

2. Swimming

If you’re someone who doesn’t frequently go for a swim, you might only think that swimming benefits you physically. But the best part is that swimming plays a major role in your overall happiness!

Taking a lap in a pool:

  • Releases serotonin
  • Helps to regulate your breathing
  • Reduces anxiety due to the repetition required
  • Works your entire body
  • Helps to manage stress

And the list goes on! If you walk a lot already, perhaps taking the swimming road is preferred.

3. Yoga

Yoga is an exercise that practically anybody can do, flexible or not. With all the different types of yoga, you can participate in something more physical or something more meditative and relaxing. 

Here are some mind-body branches of yoga:

  • Bikram: Typically performed in a 100-degree room, Bikram yoga includes 26 positions and two breathing activities all within 90 minutes
  • Kripalu: This type of yoga focuses on all areas of style –  meditation, breathing, poses – making for a balanced exercise
  • Iyengar: If you’re looking to be precise, Iyengar uses belts, blocks, and other props to make yoga accessible for anyone
  • Kundalini: This type of yoga differs from the norm and focuses more on spirituality with a strong concentration on energy from the body’s chakras

As one of the most commonly mind-body exercises, yoga improves sleep, digestion, emotional regulation, strength, and posture. The physical and mental benefits are endless! 

4. Gardening

Yes, you read that right. Gardening is most certainly an exercise – one that will benefit you physically and mentally!

Getting your hands in the dirt is proven to exercise your body and your mind. As an activity that is not demanding, gardening takes patience and time alone with yourself. 

Between shoveling, planting, and lifting bags of mulch, gardening is definitely an exercise.

Take advantage of the warmer weather and get outside! Simply being outside can reduce your stress levels and inspire you to move more.

Find Healthy Exercises For You

If these healthy exercises don’t pique your interest, you can always keep looking. Participating in tai chi, strength training, cycling, or even tennis are all excellent ways of taking care of your mind and body.

Try any one of these four easy exercises – or, combine some of them if you feel so inclined!

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