If you want your relationship to last, then things must be great in the bedroom. Read on to learn ten sex positions that are sure to spice up your love life.

Sex is great, but when you have sex with the same person multiple times, things can get boring.

In a relationship and need to spice things up? There are endless ways to have pleasurable sex. This list is just a fraction of the best sex positions you and your partner can try together.

Keep reading to learn the best sex positions you and your partner can try and start having better sex!

1. Table Top

Don’t let the name deceive you, you don’t need a table in order to do this position. Table top is traditionally done by entering your partner while they are on the edge of a bed. However, any surface that hits your partner at crotch height will suffice.  

2. Take a Kneel

Have your partner lie on their back with their legs splayed. You’ll kneel and enter them in the missionary position. 

3. Reverse Cowgirl

Give yourself a break and relax while your partner does the work. This position is like the cowgirl, expect whichever partner is on top will be facing away from the other.

4. Reverse Cargirl

If you’re looking for car sex positions, reverse cowgirl can be modified to the reverse cargirl. This position is also known as the seated rear-entry.

5. Pole Position

Also known as thighmaster, this position provides stimulation for you and your partner. It’s similar to reverse cowgirl, the difference being that you have your partner straddle your raised leg as they lower themselves onto your member.

6. The Om

Like the reverse cowgirl, this position can be done in both the bed and the car. To do the om, have your partner sit cross-legged while you sit in their lap facing them. You can wrap your legs and arms around each other for additional support. 

7. The Face Sitter

Make him work for it with the face sitter. The name of the position is self-explanatory; sit on your partner’s face while they go to town.

Want to make it even hotter? Get him a chastity belt. Male chastity belts can be your gateway into BDSM and finding one you want is as easy as a Google search. 

8. A Classic: The 69

Sex isn’t limited to vaginal or anal penetration. Oral sex positions are a great form of foreplay and a fun way to please your partner.

The 69 is a common way people engage in oral sex. Penis tastes like penis, so to make things more fun for the “giver,” stock up on flavored lube. Another note for givers, don’t ignore the testicles!

9. Can’t Forget Missionary

The missionary sex position is timeless for a reason. Sure, it may be vanilla, but it also can be intimate, passionate, and surprisingly versatile.

10. Grinding Missionary

Missionary too vanilla for you? Take it to another level and try grinding missionary. You’ll thrust your penis deep like you would with missionary and then keep it there, grinding your hips against your partner’s. 

Keep Your Love Life Spicy: Try New Sex Positions

Not to hate, but there are thousands of sex positions other than missionary waiting for you to discover. Leave a comment on which positions you’ve tried and which you think should’ve been on this list.  

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