TrekLens | Bella Azalea Rosa Photo

Posted March 07, 2018

- Scientific or Latin name: Azalea japonica, Azalea indica, Azalea hybrida.- Common name: Azalea.- Family: Ericaeae.- Origin: China.- There are about 700 varieties of azalea in florister a.- Persistent foliage, semi-persistent or very branched deciduous of 1-1.5 meters in height.- Slow growth.- Leaves elastic, hairy on the underside.- Flowers: 5-7 cm in diameter. solitary or grouped at the extremity of the branches, white, pink, marbled or violaceous.- They bloom naturally at the beginning of spring. Through greenhouses, flowers can be obtained during the winter. - It is considered as both a garden and an indoor plant. - The azalea is not properly an indoor plant, but can be kept at the time of flowering, with the They are also suitable for the practice of bonsai, thanks to its small roots and firm and luscious twigs. - Placing in a place well lit, but not in the sun.- In summer can be planted azaleas pots in shady places and away from direct rays of the sun.- The ideal temperature in winter is 13 C. In a place with higher temperature leaves and azalea flowers dry.- Resistance to cold: it resists up to -3 C.