Lost Dog Trails | Trail Run Project

Posted March 07, 2018

"Navigate a narrow cliffside ledge along The Spine Hill." - Brendan Ross

Runner Notes

Trails around the Franklin Mountains are often rocky and technical, so runners unfamiliar with rough terrain should use caution. Trail shoes with rock plates are strongly recommended.

El Paso is in the desert, so be wise about the climate. Summers are regularly in the 90's or above, winters will drop to the 30's and 40's. Lightning storms are frequent in the late afternoons during the warmer months. Winds are frequent and gusts over 50 mph are not unusual. Dust storms, strongest in the late spring, can be hazardous and reduce visibility to less than a quarter mile. Check the weather before you go, and let someone know where you will be.

Mountain biking is popular in the Lost Dog area, and while runners have right of way over cyclists, it is often the safer option to step or run to the side to allow them to pass. Sometimes you'll get thanked, but usually not - but better to be a good user of the trail than end up in a cactus, tangled in some guy's derailleur.


Short but scenic, La Espina Ledge is one of the highlights hillside routes in central Lost Dog. The path starts from the Mayberry - Baby Head intersection, climbing up the north slope of La Espina Hill and heading south. After a switchback, the trail narrows to rugged singletrack, with a cliff face on one side and a rock wall on the other.

The challenging La Espina main trail splits off from the Ledge section after the tenth of a mile. Shortly thereafter, La Espina Ledge crosses the summit of the hill and a turnoff to Granola Bowl. It then continues almost due south and meets Mayberry again at its end.

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