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Posted March 02, 2018

NOTE: beginning on March 1, 2018, there is going to be construction on the hillside below my houses and I am not going to rent them until Dec 1, 2018 at the earliest. I would guess that the construction would be done at the latest on Feb 28, 2019 but feel free to check with me at So sorry for any inconvenience.

Sayulita is on the west coast of Mexico, on the same latitude as Miami, Fl . This means that the winters are wonderful and the summers are hot and humid. While the house does not have AC, there is an almost constant breeze off the ocean as well as fans in the ceilings and portable fans should they be necessary. For a drone video of Sayulita and this house, google "sayulita drone video". The video shows lots of places and towards the end it shows Alta Vista, which is my one bedroom house above Mariposaj. So, just look at the lower house to see what Mariposa looks like. Sayulita at our property as the later as it always feels like we are in Heaven when we are here. Sunrise, sunset, moonrise, starry nights, morning light-Sky is truly a special place regardless of which of the houses you are renting. While we are biased, we feel that the views of the beach and coastline from Cielo are uniquely special and that in a town that's known for incredible views.

To get to Casa Mariposa, use the village square as your starting point. With the square on your left, pass it on Calle Revolucion and go one block to Calle Niños Heroes, which angles off to the right. Go two blocks to the second right turn, Bougainvilea Street, and go to the top of the hill and turn left. You will see our entry gate with white columns. Heaven and # 15 is on the left column and the 5 house names are on the right.

Casa Mariposa is positioned on the hilltop overlooking a spectacular bay. It offers a gracious open floor plan with two bedrooms, one with a king-size bed, bathroom and shower, the other with a queen-size bed and a separate bathroom and shower off the hallway.

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Casa Mariposa vacation rental Home in Sayulita Mexico - Hillside Beach House | Big Bridge Travel

The house has traditional decor, an open kitchen and living spaces and, surrounding the interior, large terracotta tiled patios and seating areas with sunny and shady areas and an infinity pool; you may never want to leave the property! This room is outfitted with all the necessary modern conveniences including a microwave, coffee maker and coffee maker. There is maid service 6 days a week and you can arrange to have maids make dinners made for you. The village is also filled with excellent restaurants, bars and stores. We have an ipod speaker in the kitchen and the Sony bluetooth speaker. There is an alarm clock in each bedroom and an iron and ironing board in the bathroom.

Assuming that you will leave the house during your stay, you can reach the beach and village, both just minutes away, either by going back to the butterfly and going down to the hill (stay right) through the property on the beach. Or, by exiting the driveway and walking towards the village (go straightish and do not turn right down the main road) and you will find the neighborhood walkway, which we call Lombard St, as it winds down the hill to the villager. At the bottom, go one block on the dirt road, passing the Iguana Tree with huge Iguana's during the day, and then take a right one block to the Plaza. The third way into town is to walk down the way you came in, by going down Bougainvilea and taking a left on Kids Heroes. Have a great time!