Clouds and Guts: March 2011

Posted February 27, 2018

The other day came to light the theme of dreams and imagination related to the experience, there was no time to go too deep, nothing more, but we leave it as a subject to discuss in front of a couple of beers and tea in Damascus, where the ships are put upside down to serve as shelter.

I proposed, and for the moment still hold, that dreams and imagination and colored lights and balloons and all animals that can peer into the mind of someone can be considered as valid experiences. >

Have you never felt dread in a nightmare? Right, yes? And why, if that fear is real, can it not be considered as a real agent to the instigator of it?

I, objectively, I was born in a city up there where everything is green and the sea smells nearby, I now live in another smaller one where the cobbles make you stumble and the horizon is an orange line, I have been in many others and I have visited places of an immensity such that you have to sit in the grass and clench your fists to be able to withstand so much beauty around you and, in this case, pleasant feeling of feeling so small that place will remain as pure when you are no longer.

And I have traveled in a balloon and I know for a fact that I have done it because it is the only thing in the world that can not be removed. That, really, is me.