Wavering - meaning of wavering dictionary

Posted February 23, 2018

In this opinion he returned, deceived, to hesitate the judgment of Brutus: second error, and no less than it was to have pardoned the life to Antony.

There was no time to lose , and Alicia, without hesitation, started to run like the wind, and arrived just in time to hear him say, as he turned a bend: "Give me my ears and mustaches, how late it is doing to me!"

And since I think that if I were to refer one by one to the other topics developed in this volume by Addiego, Pérez and Duarte, it is very probable that I would incur serious recidivism, I would prefer to cut here and without hesitation an exhibition whose objective central I think - otherwise - that I already filled.

I recognize one of them without hesitation as the song of an oriole, but lacks brilliance, intensity; does not give the air its stab of sonority with the same energy, does not fill the scope of the way that the other, rather slips surreptitiously, fearfully.

That Artigas did not act - we believe - Congress and yes, only before him, to be heard and as an exemplary driver and executor of the "sovereign will of the peoples," is deduced - unequivocally for us - not only from the negative fact that no one granted him the powers of Representative, but also and very essentially - of the positive, which accuses the intention and tone of his admirable piece on which time will never pass despite running without a term - will warn at every moment that the Eastern chief, without hiding, of course, his personal opinions on each topic of the considered in them, is sent without hesitation to what finally will result on them a Body that could not integrate.

Miquelcho, seeing me hesitate, stood toasting me with the deck, and all the clerics made room around the table.

Since then Pedro de Candía lived resentful of the Pizarro; and when, when the Marquis died, Almagro the Mozo proclaimed himself governor of Peru, he accepted the command of the artillery without hesitation.

-And to show you that eighteen years have not been able to take away the complacent obedience due to gentle judges, I will mention a very singular coincidence that for a long time made my spirit hesitate between the casual and the natural.

The Child's gaze was pleased by all the charms of his wife, but this did not look Child, he did not want to look at him, he did not want to make him hesitate, in his energetic decision, the Rattle's incentives, his harmonic figure and his graceful and youthful countenance with a pale complexion, with fine features, with eyes languid and insinuating to look at; of lips in which grace and voluptuousness overflowed into mysteries.

Teresa seemed to hesitate a little, but at last, because her sister was good to her and could give her advice, she decided to tell him the appearance of black coconut and the blue coconut.

It was strange, and even thoughtful, disturbing in the long run, that lonely night of a masked man lying on a couch, in the chiaroscuro of a low floor packed with objects, with the high flame of an oil lamp and the hesitation of two long white candles, slender, like funerals, reflected in the mirrors hanging on the wall, and De Jacquels did not arrive!