Beautiful Sunflower Tattoos for Women - Female Tattoos

Posted February 22, 2018

Sunflower tattoos are not usually very popular among women's tattoos, but as a matter of fact they are an option worth taking into account.

Plants are a widely used scenario inside of the world of the tattoo. There are numerous classifications within the floral universe that are able to adapt to what the person seeks to have on their skin, so this phenomenon never goes out of style.

Sunflowers are not from plants for female tattoos more chosen but there are people who decide to include them in their skin and whether they take into account their preferences or going beyond what a simple sunflower can embed.

In this article we will know what are the designs used and we will be aware of why this flower and not one more known as roses and what is the symbolism behind them.

Sunflower tattoos on the shoulders of women

Beautiful sunflower tattoo with a phrase simulating the stem

The most beautiful sunflower tattoos on the ribs of women

Half sleeve sunflowers tattooed on girls

tattoo of color sunflowers for women

Sunflowers are plants native to America ( North America and Central America) capable of measuring up to three meters high. Also known as mirasoles, their name is attributed to the place they have to move in the direction of the sun, making it give them more light.

which we can name oil and pipes. Its scientific name is Helianthus annuus and it makes reference to the god Helios, coming from the Greek mythology and representing the sun. It is a plant that has no odor unlike oysters but its beauty and particularity covers this small defect that does not affect at all.

Images of sunflower tattoos for ladies

In many cultures it is taken as a precious object to perform these types of tasks. Other symbolisms are related to their ability to denote happiness and joy thanks to the yellow color that is always present when happiness is spoken. Optimism and faith are also part of the sunflower .

Sunflower tattoo designs do not usually include colors but simply black ink but there are cases in which yellow is of great importance and is included. They are usually placed on the arms, shoulders and wrists. Designs can be many. Some choose to represent the stages of the sunflower in its development while others represent the plant in its final phase.

Spirituality, positivity and happiness are key concepts when defining the symbolism of sunflowers < / p>

Tattoo Designs with Sunflowers for Women