Puerto Rico - Local Reports (Caribbean Hurricane Network)

Posted February 16, 2018

Yes, it has been a number of years since we have seen this storm, and here it sneaks up on us from the Caribbean Sea. Tropical Depression 15 soon to be Tropical Storm Omar will be in our back doors tonight and tomorrow as it crosses Puerto Rico south to north leaving MORE rain for us. The winds are only 35 M.P.H. But, this storm could easily strengthen. When I saw this blob on the radar last night, I said, "Look at that! We are in for a couple days worth of heavy rain." Two hours later, we had a downpour. This morning, the train stations were experiencing first floor flooding. Local streets were also flooding. And may people have their umbrellas with them to go to work. I expect there may be some morning commute problems tomorrow. As Dave posted on the main page: "Houston, we have a problem." Yes we are going to experience locally heavy rains. When you say that in the tropics, we know it means more than 5 or 6 inches of rain. When I lived in Pennsylvania, we NEVER had that much rain at one time, except in January 1995 when a tropical storm came and thawed everything, and dropped more than a foot of rain and then the foot of snow on top of it, I followed the deep freeze so that everything was covered in deep ice. With that in mind, prepare to get wet! This storm is barely moving and more than 300 miles to our south. We have not started to get rain from this system, yet we are already hearing local radio warnings for flooding. I will stay vigilant and give you information as I learn it. Here in Levittown, we have cloudy skies with light showers and a high of 76 degrees, an hour before sunset.