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Posted February 13, 2018

The first weekends of this year we have not moved much of Calamocha, between parties of futbo and visits of relatives and friends we have passed by house most of Saturdays and Sundays.

Even so I have been taking the camera from time to time, not to lose the habit. These first are from the garden, some of the birds that come to recover strength. I tried to take advantage of how little it snowed on a Saturday so there was snow at the innkeeper. The last is the first sparrow hawk we see from the dining room, surprisingly the sparrows movement between the neighboring garden and ours was thrown.

That only small snowfall we take advantage of to approach one of the corners we like, Venta del Diablo. The objective was to surprise the goats there, but they did not appear on that cold day, they would prefer more sheltered corners. As the landscape was very beautiful, I used to photograph some detail about snow and erosion with the contrast of white.

That weekend came to spend with us our friend Jordi Bas. Although the goats failed in the erosions, the next day we were allowed to see Navarrete. They were more entertaining in other things and they ignored us enough, letting us get closer to a good distance of photo (for Jordi too close, with his piece of objective).

Another of the shows of each winter are the cranes. In February they always make the farewell party, so we took a walk around the Gallocanta Lagoon and enjoyed the noisy entrance in the company of Jordi, Chabier and Carmen.

On the way back we stopped at El Poyo to see if the kingfisher was leaving, but there was no luck, so I tried some photo flashes in the water. Have a great time!