Avelandia - Birdland on the App Store

Posted February 13, 2018


Most beautiful virtual pet game with the most cute of birds!
One of the best virtual pet games in the App Store with cute virtual birds! It is a huge world of birds! 20 million of them live their happy life in Avelandia every day.
They enjoy the way to decorate aviaries, the way people take care of them, they reproduce and fall in love!

-Templates Halloween specials and items
- Free pet game
- You can take care of pets
- Get beautiful penguins
- You can feed parrots, macaws, cockatoos, cockatoos in aviaries
- Keep eagles, swans, peacocks, magic phoenix in their own habitats
- You can visit friends cages, clean them and take care of birds
- If you like fish and aquarium games, you have to try Avelandia, in Avelandia everything is about birds.
Please write us mail inquiries or comments, if you have any suggestions or problem with the application!

User Reviews

Ok I guess

Can not Visit Friends by Math_2016

This game works well, there are quite a few bugs though. A couple times, I've checked my wifi and seen that it's very good, and then I play this game, and it says I have no internet connection. When I check back on my wifi, I see that it is still going strong. But this has only happened about four times.

But another major problem is that I can add friends, but I can not visit their birds. They can visit mine, but I can not. Again, my wifi works well, but I can never visit friends because it takes forever to load them.

I also feel that there is not really much of do. All you really can do is buy birds and decorations for your cages, clean them, and refill food and water.

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Fun, while it lasted.
by MamaMoosicorn

Due to the catastrophic glitches and lack of improvement in years, I give this game 1 star. I added a star because of the kind customer service.

I had this game a couple of years ago and liked it. It needed some improvements to make it more enjoyable (female gift birds instead of just male, categorizing store products so we do not have to page through 1000 products, the ability to delete friends, etc.) but it has not been upgraded, at all Also, this version does not have the prize wheel.

I still had fun and put up with the quirks, until I got my 8th cage. It kept deleting birds and finally crashed and will not load. Customer service was the only solution ended up being them deleting the cage and starting all over it. The same thing happened though! I just earned my 9th cage and the same thing happened to it. So, I have 2 cages that will not load.

I'm done with this app.