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Posted February 09, 2018

1 [+ person] to work

work at afuerasshe works on the outskirts of town; do not work so hard't work so hard; now I work harder than before I work harder now than I used to; to feed his family he works himself to death to feed his family I have been a week without workI have not done any work for a week that actor works very bienthat actor's very good

I worked as a waiter and worked as a waiter.

I worked as a teacher in the film

work en something

What are you working on? what's your job?, have you worked in graphic design before? do you have any previous work experience in graphic design ?; work in an airline company work for an airline

work to work slow




work work work we are working to get our rightswe are working towards getting our rights

work part time

an ox work as a slave

work with sb to work with sb as a mulatto work like a trojan

do something

2 (run) [+ factory] to work; [+ machine] to run; work

the factory works day and night the factory works day and night

that machine works only at night

for the brain to work the brain to work (properly) The immune system works to beat the infection. It works to our favortime is on our side.