Sun, water, earth. Home and natural: The vertical garden - Presentation.

Posted February 09, 2018

The first thing I'll do is show you photos of vertical gardens built in large sizes, either on the sides of buildings, museums or other parts of the city. The first is from a La Caixa Forum building:

Of course, I will not do this in my small, humble courtyard, but it is always a good idea to know where the things, in principle from what I read through the net, its creation is attributed to the French designer and botanist Patrick Blanc , who in addition to doing the vertical garden previously seen has done a few more, such as the following:

Exterior of a building with a vegetable wall in the Parisian district of Avignon. Fuente.

And finally we will see what is the face of Mr. Botanic in question, that it is always well to identify things, in this case with the creator:
Fortunately every day we can find more vertical gardens in urban areas , as in the following building:

As I said yesterday, in addition to combining the constructive technique of bottle recycling , I need ideas garden on the Y axis of my patio ¬¬ But of course I can not make a big investment, so I have to resort to ingenuity and inventiveness ... And thanks to the Internet I can look at the ingenuity and inventiveness of others and know that ideas are good and what are not ...

So let's start with the ideas storm construction of vertical gardens home :

The first example goes of the same, with plastic bottles have been mounted a vertical garden of the more cool, the idea is fine, but I wonder if the rope to which they are hooked l the bottles are normal rope and I also have a couple of doubts with the hold, I mean, so that it is so perfect ... can be done by hand? Here are the images:

We can take advantage of each bottle for a different plant.

On another page I found the constructive method ... jijijiji

Instructions for transforming pet bottles into a recycled vertical orchard

We will have to try it to see if it is going well ... although only be a row ... By the way in the previous page there are more links to build recycled vertical gardens. I follow are the ideas ...

Remember to respect a minimum of space between plant and plant:)

This is a very good idea to plant things like lettuces, condiments, climbers, etc. But I think a fair bit of space is coming to me, although maybe it will suit you. Source:

Another way to recycle and plant vegetables

Much more space for plant roots

Possibly we can also use this invention for cucumbers, pumpkins .

An idea to water our vertical orchard

The above photos are varied ideas of how we can make our own vertical garden or garden, i> from the most varied, from cloth, through gutters and even lamps, the last photo I have put it because it is a good idea that the pots are broader from above than from below, thus we facilitate irrigation in the form of If we are a little handy with the seam, we can also make cloth pots and then fasten them to the wall, or a panel and thus continue to build vertically, an example :

We will need a sturdy fabric to build our pots